Old Diary

One More Night / Day Two of the Natchez Trace

Tuesday is a shorter trip than Monday. March 17 By choice.  We’re getting closer to home, but we’re also getting a bit tired from jam packed days for two weeks straight.  We have about 90 miles of the Natchez Trace to go and the rest of the day is cross country through Louisiana and then a final drop down to Livingston TX for the night.

We stopped in Natchez at the Natchez National Historical Park: Melrose and enjoyed a little glimpse into Ante-Bellum MS.  When asked for a recommendation for breakfast the ranger suggested the Natchez Coffee Company — in downtown Natchez — and we enjoyed a delightful breakfast surrounded by a small art gallery in the middle of town.  Very nice.

After stopping for another headlight bulb — the second one burnt out today — we were off and running for the Texas State Line.  I’m really not a fan of 75 MPH speed limits.  I did the limit for a while but quickly got tired of the added stress and we slowed back down to something more comfortable.  Who cares if it takes an extra hour to get there.

We wanted to drop in at Livingston, the home of The Escapee’s Rainbow’s End compound.  We are considering having Peggy take an RV driving course and taking a few minutes to stop by and check out  a few things seemed a good choice. Other RV’ers we know really like this place but I’m not sure it’s for us.  We finished up the day there in Livingston, and tomorrow we have about 415 miles to home.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.