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Cut & Paste

The surgery went well.  It wasn’t all that much in the first place and she was all done in about 45 minutes.  After the excision the Doctor stitched her up, glued her up (no Elmer’s Glue though), bandaged her up, plastic wrapped her up and she was good to go!  No need to hang around for a follow up — per the Sawbones — so we’re back on our own again.

With Peg still feeling still a little tingly, we went to Balestrieri’s for a Pizza — had to get a pizza ‘fix’ while we were in town.  With Kathryn along it was just like old times;  we were sorry that Mike’s tummy wasn’t up to eating, but it’s nice to have the time alone with our daughter so we all had a chance to laugh and giggle.2015031215534901

We had a quiet evening, thinking we would hang around until about 9 AM and then head East through Chicago.  Alas, I’ve never been good about taming my enthusiasm, and when we both woke up at 4:45 — and heard our daughter getting ready ready for work (she leaves quite early) — before you knew it we were up, dressed, the car packed, and we left, with her following us out of the garage a few seconds later.

With an early start we zipped through Chicago at the leading edge of rush hour.  We stopped at Lake Station for a leisurely breakfast and poked our way Eastward.

As long as we were going past Elkhart we decided to stop at Bradd & Hall to look for ideas for our coach.  We have a recliner now.  There is space to the side of where the recliner lives.  The barrel chair in the bedroom is getting sat out. So a little window shopping was in order.

Peg & Charles

Peg & Charles

It was nice to walk in the door and be recognized — even after 2 years.  Charles, who worked on our Winnebago a full 24 months ago saw us and immediately asked, “Don’t I know you?”  — A couple hints later and it was like old home week.

We want a chair and a table/desk of some sort — if we can find pieces that fit the way we want.  These are ideas we are looking at, but regardless we won’t purchase anything until we get back to Wisconsin this summer, or as we leave in the fall.

2015031311282204One option would be a computer desk with a return. The image here is actually of TWO of these desks, one showing the return on the right, one showing the return on the left.  But the side seen facing the camera is what we would do.

2015031311353410Bradd & Hall also carry chairs made by Lambight and I’d like to get one more chair for the coach.  This one is available in with an optional computer table.

We have to do some measuring, but the fit is right.  If we determine it will fit in the space we have available we may add this to the coach.

Peg has a spot on the curbside of the coach that she uses for next-to-the-sofa storage and 2015031311354611we’ve been debating what we might put there to replace the inexpensive plastic drawers we have there now. I had shown a photo of these small units (only 8″ wide) to Peg but off the photo she didn’t care for them.  Once she saw them it was a whole different story.  So, we may have a possible solution for that need.

2015031311345506The surprise of the morning was discovering a new model in their inventory,  a smaller, more compact computer desk/station.  And we’ll give this some thought.  For less money, and a smaller footprint, this could be a better solution for us.

So, we have a bunch to think about.  But we have a lot of time to think.  No hurry.  And maybe we won’t buy anything at all.  Time will tell.

We’ve been going gung-ho since last Thursday and by the time we pulled into Toledo we were both tuckered.  We’re here for two nights before heading South for the Natchez Trace.  It would be nice to connect with Frank’s girlfriend Phyllis (Peg’s dad) and we have plans to lunch with her and her daughter tomorrow.  There’s a beautiful Museum featuring glass (Toledo is the Glass City) that Peg’s been trying to get me into.  And with what time we have left, we will drive around and see some of the sights of her youth — a little walk down memory lane.

The route we took from Milwaukee brought us through Amish territory and it’s always interesting to see the dedication to ideals that it takes to live a restricted life.  I think we saw more horses in a 50 mile stretch than I’ve seen in a couple years along the highway! There’s a lot of fine craftsmanship to be found in that stretch of the country.  In fact the folks at Bradd & Hall use Amish workers to build their cabinetry.

The skies stayed dry for us — even though there’s a storm just to the South. That was part of the reason for our route — to stay out of the bad weather even if the ‘bad’ weather was nothing more than rain. With a day here in Toledo we think that will give the current front time to pass us bye and leave nice weather behind.  At least we’re hoping that will be the case.

So, with a freshly ‘repaired’ wife and some good weather we’re excited to see if we can find some Spring down the highway in front of us. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:  We already saw Texas Bluebonnets — near Corpus Christi on our way North last Friday. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. DK says:

    Glad that the procedure went well and hope that Peg is good as new very soon. Enjoy your trip back to our fair state. You should have some nice scenery along the way, for sure. A friend of mine and her family just got back from Big Bend NP, and she shared some great photos, including some of the many bluebonnets that have already bloomed there. Sure wish we were there right now. Have a safe trip!

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    • I’m sure we will. Peg’s already back to her feisty self and we’re looking forward to a pleasant trip. This time of year there should be some GREEN along the Natchez Trace, we’ll put in a quick appearance at The Escapeee’s Rainbow’s End in Livingston and then on down to Los Fresnos. And hopefully, see some BLUEBONNETS along the way. 🙂

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