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It’s Sweet to Spend Time with Family

This trip home is actually the first time we have really ‘stayed over’ with our daughter and son-in-law.  When we all lived in Milwaukee there wasn’t much need/sense on sleeping in someone else’s bed.  And on our prior returns to Milwaukee we always had our coach with us and why wouldn’t we sleep in our own bed then?  So, being here for few days is kind of a trial run for us to see how this works out — and it works out just fine.

I have often said that Michael (Katy’s husband) is the only one of her boyfriends that we ever would have wanted as a Son in Law and he is a gem.  We’ve seen him in many different roles, as friend, mechanic, co-driver, parent — and now we get to see him in the role of ‘innkeeper’.  🙂   He’s doin’ well.   We’re well fed, and attended to.

The kids have officially been in their new home only about 4 months now I believe — they finally got the occupancy permit for their remodeled old factory-into-home in December so the are still getting settled in and learning what it’s like to live in a different space.  And it’s quite a switch for Michael especially because he and Katy bought his parent’s home shortly after getting married — so he has lived in that one building for almost all his life — save maybe 4 or 5 years.  Getting to the point that any place feels like home except the old homestead is a significant challenge.  But he’s settling in.  And being in this place — with no stairs — at the same time as his foot is healing from major reconstructive surgery is a real blessing.  After the better part of 3 months he’ll be out of his walking boot in another week or so (he finally got done with crutches only a week or two ago).

Tuesday we spent mostly at the hospital / clinic.  Our doctor’s office is adjacent to the hospital complex, and is part of the organization Peggy worked for for 33+ years.  So, it’s familiar territory.  Wandering the halls of the actual hospital brings back memories for her — she started working there in Environmental Sanitation (read that as cleaning patient rooms) before moving into the office and ultimately ending up in charge of the Refund Department and overseeing (at one time) 12 other people.  So, it’s an interesting time of mixed emotions whenever we go there.  My dad was in that hospital at least once in every quarter for the five years he lived beyond my mom’s passing, and he had two open heart surgeries in that building.  As I say — lots of memories — both good and not so good.

Medical SymbolWhen we asked the doctor about a referral to a surgeon she sent us to a colleague who’s name we didn’t know. I hate going to medical professionals I don’t know.  I’ve been with this same doctor since she was fresh out of Med School.  We joke that once she started as a ‘practicing physician’ she started practicing on me! And there is a kernel of truth in saying that what she knows about medicine she learned from me. 🙂

All that being said… We are growing old together.  Neither of us is as young as we used to be.  She has gray hair too — not as many as I do, but that’s OK — I don’t hold that against her.  She also leaves her nappy hair more natural nowadays —  not sure if she’s trying to look younger or just getting tired of dealing with it.  But we always laugh and joke and have a good time — fortunately, most of the time when we visit it’s not for anything terrible.  Peg needs to get in the habit of actually seeing her every year — she’s terrible about not wanting to visit the doctor.  I have been seeing her 2X  a year for …. blimey…. maybe 35 years… to get my blood pressure meds re-upped. It’s quite a comfortable relationship.  I hope she doesn’t go and retire on me!  Now that I think about it — I may have put her kids through college.  (Just kidding)



4 thoughts on “It’s Sweet to Spend Time with Family

    • WE’ve been ‘stuck’ down in S. Texas enjoying life till this ad hoc trip to Wisconsin. I’ll try to get back on RVillage again soon. 🙂 🙂


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