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The Doctor’s in the House


Two days after the ice storm in Central Texas the ice was still melting off buildings.

We got a lot done on Monday. The our G.P. was in, saw Peggy, and quickly referred her to a surgeon while also putting her on antibiotics. Luckily the surgeon had an opening for Tuesday, so we make another trip to the office today for blood work, a bone density test and a meeting with the surgeon.

And, being out of the car for a day I had time to upload a few pictures from the quick trip up to WI.

Michael put our car on his computer and found another reason the check engine line was coming on — the local dealer had the part in stock so we’ll have Mike install that in the next day or so.

I got my MacPro out of storage and spent much of the day with the computer downloading software.  I’m going to try taking the tower back to Texas with us and see whether it’s practical to use it in the coach.  If not — we can return it to storage in September when we get back to Wisconsin.

We had time to get some glasses adjusted, and run a few little errands.

The check-engine problems have had me thinking about the life of our CR-V.  I’m NOT in any hurry to replace cars, but needing to get the parts meant that I was going to be at the dealership so we took a look at the new Honda FIT.  It’s a lot smaller than our CR-V and it’s on the list of 2015 Towables — but after talking with the dealer we came away with a recommendation NOT to tow a FIT.  That’s interesting and one of the reasons I get frustrated with dealerships.  I downloaded the FIT owners manual and there it is…. auto transmission — no.  manual transmission — yes.  These guys gotta get their act together.

I think that considering I haven’t thought much about cars in the 10 years we have had it.  So, even though we aren’t going to do anything about replacing the CR-V I think it’s about time that we at least did a little competitive research and checked out some of the other possibilities.  After finding that the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 both require Premium fuel, that makes it more likely that we’ll look at two Hyundai versions, a model or two of Kia, and the Toyota/Scion/Yaris line where there are three possible models.  At least when we are done there will be some basis upon which to move forward.   I’m still hoping that this last repair is going to put the recent problems to an end but if not I don’t want to be making trips to different auto dealerships all the time; I might talk myself into something.

I-44 runs along the old US-66 route and this rest area in MO decided to do a riff on Hwy 66 in their picnic area.  Cute.

I-44 runs along the old US-66 route and this rest area in MO decided to do a riff on Hwy 66 in their picnic area. Cute.

Even though we probably could have gotten Peg’s health issue taken care of in Texas we have been chomping at the bit to get out and do something or go somewhere — so this has been a good excuse for a roadtrip.  I’m glad we did it.  We still don’t know how long we’ll be gone — Maybe after talking to the surgeon tomorrow we’ll either be recuperating or know how many days before a surgery schedule and then we can make plans for a return trip.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


Peggy in front of some of the small landscape plants at Palmdale.



5 thoughts on “The Doctor’s in the House

  1. Mrs. P says:

    We have been looking at new cars too. Not that there is anything wrong with our CRV. We just plan to do a lot more long distance driving and would prefer a newer vehicle. We may end up getting another CRV…we’ll see. Plenty of time to look around as we aren’t planning to do it until the end of the year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • With Honda’s decision to put the continually variable transmission in the CR-V we have to cross that off our list. I just found out last night that VW thinks their Jetta Diesel is towable — but I have to look at the manual to see for sure. I don’t trust salesmen. sigh. If the most recent ‘fix’ to our evaporative emissions problem actually fixes it I’ll try to keep the car another two years — but if I can’t get the check engine light to STAY out, and start having problems then that’s another story.


      • Mrs. P says:

        I don’t understand continually variable transmission, what is that?

        We are not looking to be towed, but may tow smaller vehicles. Our main reason for hedging on Honda is the dealers withing 45 minutes of us all have really bad service, like doing an oil change and not putting oil in it or putting too much or the wrong kind. We won’t have our cars serviced except for recall warranty stuff. That’s what got Rick back into the car maintenance stuff in the first place.

        Use SIL and his code reader a lot while you’re there. Any time we by a car for Rick he brings the code reader with him. 🙂


      • I don’t understand it either but I think it’s a modern version of the old hydromatic drive which didn’t actually have numbered gears because the transmission worked off of a sort of continuously variable torque converter. Not sure though…. and I’m the wrong person to talk to about that.
        Mike took good care of me and we’ll wait to see if we have any more problems — could be that the last dealer didn’t do a good job — always sloppy workmanship when you’re a visitor to town and they thing you aren’t going to be back.
        Anyway — we’ll have a long trip back to check it out. Probably put on a good 2200 miles before we get back home via Toledo, and the Natchez Trace


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