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Back Home Again, in Indiana…. wait… no…. Make that Milwaukee

mam5We’re back home in Wisconsin,  three days and 1500 miles later. We are kind of wondering where all the snow has gotten to that we kept hearing about.  The other good news is that they warmed up the whole state for our arrival — we’re in the 40’s and enjoying it!

Sunday’s drive was uneventful — just the way we like it. A little under 500 miles — time enough for a drive, not much time for gawking and snooping.  We stopped in St Louis for a quick bite of breakfast — not wanting to spoil our appetite for dinner which Mike & Katy are making for us upon our arrival:  turkey!  Sounds good to us! Actually it tasted good too!

The next couple days will be figuring out what needs doing while we’re in town.  We have a list of chores to take care of in addition to visiting the doctor.  And once that appointment is over we’ll have a better idea how long we might be in town.  Fingers crossed that the visit will be short so we can get back to the Coach.  But it’s nice to be with family here.



2 thoughts on “Back Home Again, in Indiana…. wait… no…. Make that Milwaukee

    • We’re always quite happy to make other people’s lives more enjoyable, Jim! To say nothing about making our own more enjoyable at the same time. Glad we could be of service! > >

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