Day Two And We’re Getting Itchy

Considering that two days ago they had some pretty rough weather, Saturday it was a glorious day and a great day to drive.  The roads were moderately busy — using my 40 year scale of light to busy for general highway travel.

A nice easy day today

A nice easy day today

Last night we burnt out a headlight and our last ‘job’ for the day was getting a replacement bulb from O’Reilly on Friday night.  Having gotten the bulb installed we could leave before sun-up on Saturday which we did.  And that put us into Rolla about 5 p.m.

With clear skies and decent traffic we enjoyed the drive — watching for snow — which we never saw in any appreciable amounts.

We stopped at Big R’s BBQ for lunch and had a really nice meal — at a place that serves ample portions, of nicely smoked & still moist pork BBQ. The resto is near one of the areas hit by the last big tornado and while there was a lot of rebuilding within 2 miles of the resto — the joint itself seems to have survived without much damage at all and the loyal clientele were out in force on a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

So, we have one more day’s drive remaining.  With luck we’ll be back in Milwaukee by 4:30 on Sunday and sitting down to a turkey dinner with Mike and Katy.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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