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Yesterday was spent in the car.  We had howling winds all night before and Peg didn’t sleep much so we got an early start in the morning. That was partly due to the winds, partly due to sounds that sounded like someone’s door being slammed — over and over and over again, and partly because her back has been quite painful.  Which is the reason for our quick trip.  We know we could get medical service in TX but for a variety of reasons we opted to make a quick trip to Wisconsin, see her regular doctor, see our daughter and Son-in-Law, do some business with our safe deposit box, and a few other things we realized could be all done in one fell swoop so we hopped in the car and headed North.

The longest of three days drive

The longest of three days drive

The Plan — such as it is — is to make the 1500 miles in three days while there is a good weather forecast.  Friday was 542 miles from Los Fresnos to Plano TX.  While it was a very manageable distance I was reminded why I don’t like I-35.  It is/was virtually rush hour traffic from San Antonio to Dallas, including at least 40 miles of stop-start bumper-to-bumper going-nowhere-fast.  I really like Los Fresnos, but I really dislike this route and I will do all sorts of things to avoid taking it any more than absolutely necessary.  There ARE other routes out of South Texas.alternates


To illustrate, here are two alternate routes:  1.) via I-10 to I-55
2.) via I-30 to Memphis.  Both of them have advantages over the route we picked this time.  This is a route I’ve driven quite often from Dallas North.  What I haven’t driven often is the Dallas-San Antonio section and every time we have done so I-35 has been under major reconstruction with horrendous backups.

Once we pulled into Plano we needed a good meal and we found our way to Paesano’s.  Tripadvisor rates it as #33 out of 233 restos and I can see why.  The prices are reasonable,  the entrees were well done, ample, served quite quickly, and the place is BUSY — in a good way — the sound of people having fun and enjoying life.

Peg has a Dr’s appointment on Monday.  We’ll see what the treatment plan is — can we be in and out of Milwaukee on under 1 week or not?  We’ll see.

Saturday we will head north to Rolla Mo.  I’ll talk with you from there. Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.