One Day of Sunshine

It’s amazing how much good a single day of sunshine does.  Everyone, myself included, was out enjoying the sun yesterday!

I got a lot done. We made another trip to the grocery to restock the freezer now that we are comfortable that the Norcold is working OK.  I finally found my air chuck and re-coiled my 100 foot air hose into the new storage box in front of the generator — where it will live from now on.  I changed out the  last of my Watts in-line Watts Water Filterdrinking-water filters.  Now I HAVE to get to work figuring out a way to install the Everpure replacement in a space where there’s no solid surface upon which to hang the filter head.  Although that space wasn’t built with our kind of filter in mind there has to be a way for me to  build a solid panel or mini wall down there to provide the right support for the filter and filterhead.  Grrrr.  While I was changing filters I had all my water system tools out so I also rearranged the spare water system parts.

I’m gradually getting tools and parts rearranged by ‘system’:  water, electrical, air.  I’m also discovering that I didn’t do a good job of sorting some of my tools during the downsizing process.  I recently discovered that I have no fewer than 6  wrenches in the 7/16″ size but none in the 9/16″ size…. go figure.

EverpureWe got to talking about our way of being in places.  When the weather is good we go out and DO things, that leaves projects to be done.  When the weather is crummy I have no incentive to work on projects.  You can see the problem, I’m sure.  But that is really part of who we have always been.  Peg and I always have loved to explore.     We’ll pick up and head out the door at almost the smallest provocation!  We’ve been known to drive from Milwaukee to Osseo WI for breakfast  & a piece of pie (235 miles) and other odd behaviors. And a Sunday afternoon drive any day of the week is the norm.

We are no longer hikers — I have a problem with my left leg and I can’t walk for long distances anymore; or stand in one place for a long time.  Now we do shorter walks, or intersperse our walks with some sitting.  As long as I can get off that one leg for a few minutes my body recharges and I’m good for another go.  So, we are learning to plan jaunts that accommodate our new limitations.

After three months here we have a lot of visits left on our wish list:

The Edinburg Wetlands,
The Roma Bluffs birding area,
Regular return visits to:
Santa Ana NWR
Laguna Atascosa NWR
Bentsen Palms SP

If we start getting some days in the 70’s I’m sure we’ll be out and about.  Some of these are places I would have loved to be going to regularly through the winter if the weather had been a little warmer — and in future winters probably would be regular stop-offs.

We had a nice talk with Jim today.  He and his wife will be our new next door neighbors when we get moved over in April — though they will be leaving shortly after we move.  I’m looking forward to a 180º flip-flop in our orientation.  We got along well with them when we first moved here in December and their full-sized mobile home will be a little bit of a wind screen for us in the winter months.  Jim is a bit of a fuss-budget about weeds — but I think we can get along. 🙂

All of which I say knowing full well that there are far worse problems in the world than anything we have going on.  Sometimes I may sound like I’m whining but the fact of the matter is that we’ve got life pretty good here.  And as a reminder — here’s a picture from present day Ukraine where life is a lot more grim. Photos of the day - February 28, 2015

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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