Norcold Update

Norcold 1200LRMEvidently we have to treat our new Norcold in Serendipity differently than we treated the Norcold in Journey.  It’s three days since we seemed to lose cooling in the refrigerator, the dry ice is gone now, and the fridge appears to be working as designed.  We’ll be keeping our eyes on it but we’re hopeful that this was just a learning experience.

We turned the unit OFF.  We did a complete defrost.  And we started it back up.  Both our defrost interval and the amount of frost build up were not as great as the guidelines we used in our 2002 coach, but evidently because this is a 4 door unit and that one was a 2 door unit we have to treat it differently.  Ok — if that’s the case, then that’s the case.

I may yet have the repair guy come out and look at the closed-door switches — the left door seems to signal an ‘open’ alarm from time to time — and maybe we’ll just have him come out and fix that to be done with it.  But that’s not a big deal. 2015022120235803

As you can see there’s a modicum amount of frost on the cooling vanes inside the box.  and you can see more easily here that we lowered the thermocouple to the lowest point of the vanes.  We have started loading up the fridge again and hopefully life will go back to normal.

2015021810274502I wanted to share this photo that I took on the walk over to Nuevo Progreso — I loved the sign on the side of the private car.

We are considering a few day roadtrip to Big Bend National Park.  It’s the one place Bluebonnets are blooming (early as it is) and neither of us has been to the park — if the weather stays cool and rainy as forecast in the next 10 day forecast it might be a good time for a little roadtrip.  I’ll keep you posted on the likelihood of that happening.

Thanks  for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Norcold Update

  1. Does your food within the fridge cool evenly, Peter? We were having an issue with some items freezing in the fridge compartment, so we bought a little battery operated Camco circulating fridge fan from CW. It solved that issue for us. It goes through two D batteries a month.



    1. Jim –

      We have 2 of those fans in our fridge and they have worked well — we get a little better life on the battery but not much.

      When the problem occurred both the fridge and the freezer were not performing. Now they both are. I’m still a little schizo about it but it seems to be working as designed — NOW.

      We also moved the sensor — that might have been part of the problem — it was too HIGH on the fins.

      > >

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  2. Hey,
    I like your blog, and appreciate the hard work in your doing it.
    Sat. I tried out the bread baking in a slow cooker……2.5hrs. later it was delicious fresh bread…….next time I might up it 10 mins. more. Easy, to do and clean up was nothing!


    1. Hey Norm!

      Thanks for the ‘roses.’ Glad you like the bread. I like that it is so easy — but the soft crust is kind of a downer for me. I’m sure we’ll use it from time to time but I think we keep the bread maker for now. 🙂

      You’re right about the easy clean up. That is great!

      > >


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