Almost two years ago we naively made a reservation for a two week stay at Highland Ridge Campground in Spring Valley WI.  There have been a variety of cascading events since then.2013071213555503

While there we met Phil & Donna an interesting couple from all over the U.S. but with a home in rural Central Oregon.  We got to talking and the next thing we knew we had a position Camp Hosting for the Corps of Engineers.  That was fun.

While we were camp hosting we ran into Wayne & Cheryl and they told us about Palmdale — where we are now.  We kept that under our hat for year and a half until we actually got down here and we’ve been having a great time since.

When one of the other residents moved to be closer to their child who recently moved to Kingville, TX their site has been vacated and we have had our eyes on it.  There are two sites that would allow us to reverse the direction of our coach — facing our nose to the East and our rear to the West reducing the thermal buildup off the windshield.

palmdale map 2We have been trying to talk with the managers here about switching sites — and I finally had a chance to do that today.  No one has spoken for the site to be available April 1 after the former tenant’s paid up rental expires.

But, before the conversation was over I had a job offer, well we had a job offer: to manage a nearby park.  It’s a larger park, one of several that the management company that manages this park also handle.  The property is further up the valley — not a good thing for us.  The property is much larger and far more organized than this one — also not something we are keen on.  But the roads are in good shape!  That park is more fully occupied, but the sites are much smaller.  Most of the  sites are Mobile Home or Park Model occupied and during the summer there’s almost no one there.   new location

So, we took a drive over there, and drove around, and stuck our nose into this place and that place.  It’s big park.  I doubt we’ll do anything about the offer.  At first glance it sounds nice to have a paying job — but at second glance it’s a lot of work.  We’ll keep you posted on what happens — if anything happens at all.  However — Kismet is interesting and who’s to look a gift horse in the mouth…. wait…. maybe it’s a good thing to look that gift horse in the mouth — you might want to know what you’re getting even if it appears to be for nothing.



It’s funny how being in one place can cascade into a whole series of events.  Peg and I have always been inclined to go with the flow,  to take advantage of interesting acts of serendipity but I’m not so sure about this one.

But, I like to keep you updated of the ebbs and flows of our life and there you have it.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow — you just never know what might happen.

I hope y’all had a happy Valentine’s Day, Peg and I enjoyed a quiet evening by ourselves — passing on the dinner and show that the resort planned for the day.  Another reason why we should probably pass on the manager’s job — we tend not to be joiners. 🙂

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