To Florida, or Not to Florida, That is the question!

cbd31357f2b1a4b11675d77c3dd24761Sometimes the simplest off-handed comment can result in an incredible flurry of activity — even causing life altering changes!  Like the two bug-eyed dogs in the graphic, there are times in life when you see something beautiful (?) and find yourself fascinated by it.

Such is life with Peter.  I think I told you that my parents had never met Peggy before I proposed to her.  In fact that entire proposal story is quite the tale, but not a tale for today. At any rate, on the day my parents met my bride-to-be my dad took us both for a walk around the block(s). It was a beautiful October weekend and it was very pleasant. After asking my Sweetie a few questions and talking just with her for a while my dad chose this as his  first major, considered, statement to say to my future wife:  “Well, Life will never be boring with Peter.”  And she has reminded me from time to time that I need do nothing to cause that to happen — is just does when I’m around.

And so it was that in a moment of whimsy I wondered out loud:  If we are only committed to staying in TX this year until March 31st, and if our plans for the summer don’t actually begin until July 1, what if we took in a little bit of Florida?  After all we have three months in there to play around.

The comment laid there.

A few hours it was taken up briefly and given a shake or two.

And some time passed and we took it up again.  Of course we didn’t get very far — Peg is under the weather and all congested and most of the day she was just wanting to sleep, or be left alone.

But — it’s still on the table.  It took a little while to determine that we could find places to stay sort of in areas we might want — but neither of us was wanting to make a decision.   Yet.

So, hang on.  We may still do something unexpected this Spring!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “To Florida, or Not to Florida, That is the question!

  1. Just before we went full time we attended a seminar in which the late Gordon Maxwell told us not to settle down anywhere the first winter. He said we should travel from coast to coast south of I-10 to check out many potential sites. Otherwise we might miss the wonderful when settling on the good. South Texas was too windy for us; Florida had too many critters; Arizona turned out to be just right. For us. It was nice to know why we didn’t want to settle anywhere else and to not always be wondering if we made the right decision.


    1. Hi Linda,

      I think that’s probably pretty good advice.

      What constitutes ‘wonderful’ for any of us can be quite different!

      I’m interested in your comment about ‘wondering if we made the right decision.’

      I don’t know how long we’ll RV. We have lived long enough to have already decided that there are some places that are not wonderful to us. But as for wondering whether we have made a right decision that is something we haven’t ever done. We’ve always been super critical of decisions before we make them but if we have done all we can to make the right decision in the first place than the concept that we made the ‘wrong’ decision is something that just make much sense in our lives.

      Perhaps we have that attitude because we still look on life as changeable. The RV gives us the choice to stay or go. I don’t see that as a retrospective value.

      It’s like being down here now and wanting to see the spring wildflowers in Texas. Spring wildflowers were never something we thought much about before arriving here. Flowers in Mid-March aren’t something a Wisconsinite thinks much about. It turns out that we are probably further south than spring flower seekers want to be — so we may choose to make a trip north in a few weeks, or we may wait for another spring — that choice we’ll make after we see the flower reports online. There’s nothing to say, ‘I made the right decision about’ if I make the best decision I can at that time. And life is always about compromises. If I had a billion dollars I could make different decisions, but I’m not sure even then they would be ‘better’ decisions, just more expensive ones.

      You are right about Florida being full of too many critters! It’s also expensive, filled with too many people, and too many of those are Easterners — and yes, to us that makes a difference — it’s a different social climate. S. Texas is awfully windy, it is also unpredictable in terms of temperature — hotter or colder than usual can make a significant difference in the enjoyability factor. But that can happen anywhere. We have been along the Northern Gulf Coast and that too is unpredictable and at best cooler than we prefer. Arizona (in general) lacks water, we’ve been there in Winter and while we might over winter there I doubt the lack of large bodies of water will ever win us over for extended periods of time. New Mexico as a winter location has no appeal. And Southern California isn’t all that appealing except for short visits — heck, so far I can’t get even Peggy to want to visit San Diego for a couple weeks — she’s pretty much anti-California.

      We like where we are, but is it our forever home? Ha! We are way to early on to even think in those terms. But how we go about determining that is going to be an interesting project that will take some time. Along the way we’ll make mistakes — 2014 was a cooler Autumn in S. Illinois than usual. And whereas during many years we might have had a great time during our stay in Shelbyville, this year was not the right year to be there at that time. Not something we had any control over. Next year might be better. But I doubt we’ll try S. Illinois in October again. Did we make the ‘right’ decision? How can I answer that — we made a decision based on what local residents expected and this year Momma Nature threw us a curve ball. Still and all, we had a nice time with our friends, we saw some wildlife, we laughed, and read some good books. That was a success; but it wasn’t the success we expected.

      As for traveling from coast to coast south of I-10 rules out the Oregon Coast and if it were not for the remoteness from medical services that might have been a longterm solution for us. We loved most everything about the Coast. Oh well……

      Thanks for the comment.

      > >


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