We finally know what we’re doing!

We’ve had a few productive days here.  After the birthday celebration we turned our attention to summer plans and we have finally settled on a course of action for the summer.folded-map

We have decided against new flooring in the coach.  Even though the carpeting is aging  we can still get another couple years out of it.  Considering that we bought the coach last April, and immediately purchased two area rugs to cover the worst of the lounge spots — we might as well get a little wear out of those rugs which would probably not be appropriate after changing flooring.  The job would have cost more than we choose to spend on it at this time.  Simple decision — the estimate exceeded our budget and that’s that.

No longer having to visit Indiana we didn’t have any problem setting our plan in place.  We’ll be at the Corps of Engineers campground at Thomson Causeway starting July 1.  That way if our daughter wants to visit during the July 4th weekend it’s a possibility — and if not — we’re still in a place we like.

We’ll revisit some of our old haunts, Blackhawk Park, Highland Ridge and Interstate State Park, but we are also adding a new stop — Perrot State Park near Trempeleau WI.

Our biggest reason was to be in an area where we could visit our G-kid after she makes the move to Minneapolis!  We’ll be within a day’s drive for 3 weeks and we’re hoping to get a couple chances to enjoy some time together.

We also decided that after last year’s satisfactory stay at the Wis State Fair RV park that this year we’ll return there for a month and spend some time around the old town.  We miss Balestreri’s Pizza and a few other things.

And we’ll be coming back here next winter.  We have yet to make that reservation but it’s a pretty sure thing.

As for the time between now and July 1 — about that we aren’t as sure.  Right now we’re thinking of that follows — but I have to confess that there is a part of us that is considering an unexpected departure from anything we have talked about up until this morning.   So, here’s is the current leader on the board, and if it changes we’ll let you know.  If we change our mind it will be sooner rather than later.

Blanco Lavender Festival

Lavender Stripes 578_7852That leaves a gap for us for the month of June.  And we are going to take in the Blanco Lavender Festival.  The festival, however, takes place in the middle of the month and we have time to fill before that, and we have to get ourselves up to Illinois in two weeks and 2 days.  Plenty of time.

We’re thinking of splitting the 15 days between the time we leave Palmdale and the end of the Lavender festival between three separate Texas State Parks.  We have limited experience of the Texas park system and this is a good time to experiment.

After the festival — who knows what we may do.  We are Passport America members — we may try out some of their campgrounds, or do a few nights with Uncle Wally, or stop at a National Park or Corps of Engineers campground — We’ll figure out all the details as we have time.

We also want to make a point of returning to Galveston Island State Park on our way back to Palmdale next fall — it is a much nicer park than the weather or our health allowed us to investigate last year.  And between Galveston and Palmdale we’ll make a point of stopping at Mustang Island SP for a few nights — to correct our negligence of not having stopped thus far.


Texas BluebellsEveryone’s heard about the beauty of Texas Bluebonnets.  And this year we hope to see some of them!  The time frame is mid-March to mid-April and we’re looking for resources to help us in our plan to instantaneously-pick-up-stakes-and-go-see-them.  Among them is the Texas Bluebonnets Sightings page on Facebook.  I’m hoping that people who see them will post; we’ll see.  In the meantime I’m hunting for other sources of info and we’ll be on the alert.  We’ll check that our Go Bag is up to date and we’ll be ready to roll at a moment’s notice!

The future is looking up.  I’d say we were getting excited — but with three more months here before we leave it’s too early to get excited — stay in the moment!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “We finally know what we’re doing!

    1. Peg lived in Toledo until I spirited her away, and then we both lived there for a couple years after we got married, but we have never spent too much time in MI. Seems your drivers are always in a hurry.

      In years gone by we used to come up to Grand Rapids 1X a year for a church conference but no longer. I love the U.P. — but that’s virtually a separate state in so many ways.
      You’re right — we will.

      We spent part of two summers JUST doing campgrounds along the Mississippi and loved it. This year it will be a partial remix of that in order to get some grand-kid time. (unless of course she decides to get married — which you never know about — the young’uns have a way of surprising us!)

      Our ‘problem’ with WI state parks is that some of them (a fair number of them) have sites that are too short for our 40′ coach. One of the parks I would really like to go to for a couple weeks is Copper Falls and we are WAAAAAAAAY too long for that one! c’est la vie!


      1. Things are more relaxed in northwest lower Michigan. Drop a pin on the Leelanau Peninsula, for future reference. You two would love it, for sure. We are going to be spending the summer there, which we will reveal as it unfolds.

        Toledo…we lived in Perrysburg for a few years. Makes me hungry for Tony Packo’s. 🙂


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  1. I’m not at my computer right now, but search for the TXDOT page online for current wildflower sightings. That is the most up to date place for various wildflower updates, and the map even highlights the actual roads too. Many people think the wildflowers should be quite nice this year, due to the timing of winter precip in many of those areas. I think the site is updated daily. If you can’t find it through search, let me know. Hope you have enjoyed your stay in the valley so far. I might be able to help with some state park info, too.

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      1. I have the page bookmarked. I’ll check it from time to time. What bothered me was that all the dropped pins on that map were pretty much NORTH of San Antonio — which means that for us to get much of a feel for them we either have to do a several day roadtrip by car, or perhaps crank up the coach and disappear for a couple weeks (which could be done) or leave early and just bounce around in TX longer before heading north for our existing reservations. Need to think through the choices and see what works best for this year. Not sure which way we might go.

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      2. Yes, central Texas is by far the best place to see the bluebonnets. It would be a long drive for you from the valley but worth it if you can go when they are so good. Be forewarned that hotels and RV parks will book up in advance, especially on those weekends,in the areas where they are typically good.


      3. Well, there you have it…. the reason we tend not to go places that are popular: Popularity is a Buzzkill!

        For right now we’ll keep watching for reports and see what happens — we’ve been known to do stranger things and drive a long way to see flowers! 🙂



  2. Thanks for the WI info. We have a res at Devils Lake SP in August on our way up to Mackinac Island but could use some other ideas. Where is that Lavender Festival? Glad you guys have found that part of TX to your liking 🙂

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    1. Lavender Festival is in Blanco — the weekend of the 12th June.

      YW for the WI info.

      I try to avoid the most well known WI parks, and the State Parks near the Interstate; the WI park system is heavily loaded enough that it’s hard enough getting 14 day stays for a 40 footer in the first place without going to the most desirable campgrounds. There are only 4 Corps of Engineers campgrounds in WI and they are all good — but Grant River is right on a heavily used RR line. Be careful if you try that one.

      If you try Blackhawk Park, there’s a great Pizza place nearby, Interstate has an outrageously good vegan Indian resto in town. No suggestions for Devils Lake or Wis Dells restos — we used to spend a lot of time there but that was so long ago that I wouldn’t trust my memory of restos.


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