The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trails — and others

Texas being the humongous state that it is, has humongous resources for the RV traveler as well.  Among them are the Texas Wildlife Trails, and among them is the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trial/s.  I inserted that last “/s” because the birding trail is actually broken up into segments — there being so many stops!  Things are big in Texas.

Just a short aside here.
You know you can’t count on a S.Texas
weather forecast, but  for thefirst time
since we arrived on 12/1 we have a
10 day forecast with  nothing more than
2 mornings with 10% rain!  How  long
it will last will be interesting to observe,
but it’s nice to dream of sun and warm temps! 


great texas coastl birding trailsThe Great Texas COASTAL Birding Trail is itself broken up into three sections.  Each section is documented and literature available for purchase from the State showing specific birding stops along the way.

In my last two visits to Texas I had time to visit numerous sites in all three of the sections and I have always enjoyed each stop — though to be fair and disclose my feelings fully — many of the stops are not much more than a gravel spot along the road where birds can often be found.  The guide is keyed for time-of-year visits — as an aid to stopping in the right places at the right time.  Some of them are fee stops, many are free.  All can be worthwhile at the right time of year.

With the weather being crummy this year we have been doing other things than birding.  But if and when the weather improves I’m sure we’ll get out and check things out in this part of the world.

Other trails

Texas Wildlife TrailsAmong the other trails are:

  • The Far West Wildlife Trails
  • Heart of Texas Wildlife Trails
  • Panhandle Plains Wildlife Trails
  • Prairies and Pineywoods Wildlife Tails

Depending on how much time you have in the state and your predilections, they may be of interest to you.

There’s a lot to see in Texas…. go see it!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


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