2014 in Retrospect

2014 Travels

our 2014 travels

At the birth of 2014 I never expected to be in S. Texas. But here we are. Lovin’ every minute of it.

We covered 4961 miles this year — more by twice than our first year and more by 1000 miles than 2013.  Will it be more or less than 2015?  I have no idea.

We overnighted in 20 different places this year.  Considering that we spent the first 8 months in one place, a month in MS, and the last month of the year in Texas we still didn’t do a LOT of place changing for a year of mobility.

We’ve been debating what it might mean to our travel plans if we decided that TX would be our regular over-wintering spot.  If we “planned” our subsequent trips wisely we could do yearly circles that wouldn’t be much further than what we did this year and reach every corner of the continental U.S..   We have yet to seriously consider an RV trip to Alaska.  We have heard so many takes on how or whether to make that trip — and because it’s not on top of our bucket list we haven’t thought much about it.

texas-road-mapYesterday Peggy floated the idea of spending next summer exploring the state of Texas.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I’m willing to try summer along the coast where the mitigating influence of the water softens the temperature extremes (both hot and cold).  I’ve been in central Texas during the summer and as much as I like S. Texas in the winter that’s about how much I don’t care for the extreme heat of Central and West Texas.

But then we are both easily pleased.  We were quite content in Oregon (except for the distance to our family). We were quite content in MS (except for the distance to goods and services).  We are quite content here, We’re easy going folks; we don’t have to have a mansion, and everything doesn’t have to be precisely right for us to have a good time.

USFS logo copyNow, 1/3 of a year after leaving Oregon we are still happy we took the volunteer gig.  We learned a lot about volunteering, and about ourselves — and about Oregon — to say the least.  We are also in no hurry to take on another volunteer gig.  I’m sure we will in the future.  But it will be quite a while, I’m sure.

COEWhen it comes to campgrounds — I think our preference continues to be Corps of Engineers sites — when we can find them and when they are convenient.  This coming year (2015) we hope to check out some more of the Texas state parks.  And, we hope to do some boondocking / primitive camping.

As for length of stay — our preference is still for multiple days in one place — and unless we are en route to some place and we are trying to make an arrival date it often seems that 2 weeks in a place about about right.  2014101606593801The longer coach with additional slides makes longer stays more preferable.  It’s not that it’s ‘harder’ to pick up stakes and move, it just seems a slower, more deliberate pace is right for some reason.

Both car and coach are running fine.  I am having some 100,000 mile maintenance done on the car in the next week so there will be a bit of a bump-in-the-road there.  That will cost a pretty penny — but better to do maintenance than to repair failures.  And, that’s part of life whether or not we are mobile.  This Spring/Summer we’ll do an annual maintenance on the Coach as well.

We continue to learn new aspects of RV’ing, and living the RV life every day.  A retirement where we would continue to learn and find challenges was part of our goal — so in that respect we are on track.  And being in one place for an extended time give me time to just ponder what we want to do next.  2014120112464101We don’t need to be moving to be happy — so it’s more a question of when will a destination present itself to us with sufficient force to get us to start a trip plan.  Life on the road doesn’t have to mean continuously on the road.

We’re hoping that 2015 will find us meeting up with Kathryn a little more than in 2014.  Their house project is winding down and perhaps it will be easier for her to get away.  But…. this is our retirement and she has her own life to live.  We’ll work things out together as we always do.

We’re looking forward to the coming year.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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