Welcome to our Honda Dealership

My greatest fear while traveling is something going wrong with our car.  For some reason that’s a greater fear than having problems with the RV — even though the former is almost guaranteed to be cheaper than the latter.  And this morning I’m camped out at the local Honda shop.  ‘Camped out’ does mean that I did make an appointment first, but still sitting in a dealership is never fun.

But — as I always say — the thing about cars is that the never get better, they only get worse.  So — I’ll sit and see — whatever they come up with.

As a side track to the Honda story, and connected with the recent stories about water drainage and caliche I noticed an interesting difference between auto shops here and in Milwaukee. In-ground hoist rotary liftIn the Northern Midwest we are accustomed to seeing in ground oil pits and hoists. In most cases that’s all you see unless the garage is a building converted from other use.

Here they all seem to be ‘rotary lifts’ or above ground hoist mechanisms.  I have been aware that there are no  home basements but didn’t make any particular connection to commercial buildings.  Whatever the underlying earth is like they clearly do not like digging down into it any more than necessary poster5

We enjoyed watching the movie Into the Woods. We aren’t huge movie goers –I suspect the last movie we saw was… over a year ago (but perhaps not).  Like a lot of folks we watch our share of TV, and movies on TV but there aren’t many current movies I seem to care about.  

I’m told (by my daughter who accompanied the High School performance of the same on the piano) that the movie followed the original script pretty closely — and that’s amazing to me because I thought that the story line was a real helter-skelter hodge-podge of a story but it was still fun.  AND…. I have to say that this was by far the best performance I’ve seen from Emily Blunt and I’m a lot more interested in seeing more work by her now that her skills are shining out!  You go grrrrrl.  Anna Kendrick and Meryl Streep were good too.  Usually I’m more keen on Streep but I found the ugly witch makeup off-putting — the circles around the eyes just looked weird — as if the makeup job wasn’t complete…. but what do I know about makeup?Akubra Cattleman

I’m a great fan of cowboy hats.  I had one which I brought back from Australia 20 years ago — which I proceeded to leave in a restaurant coat room in Winona Mn some years ago.  Then in 2008 when Peg and I toured the Pacific NW we stopped in the Seattle area at David Morgan, a US importer of Akubra products where we bought two of them.  One is in storage in Milwaukee, the other travels with me.  And it’s in need of some adjustment.

We stopped the other day at the local Cavenders store.  My summer straw hat has given up the ghost and it was time to look for another.  And then came the light — I realized that I could take my felt hat there and have it resized.  Yahoo!  Yee Haw! and all that stuff — so if I’m not here too long at the Honda dealership I’ll try to get back o Cavenders to get that fixed.  Gotta look good and uphold the tradition of Winter Texans — yeah…. sure….


I have to admit that I have been surprised by the number of days with overcast skies and the prevalence of light early morning fog.  We are 20+ miles from S. Padre Island (as the roads go) so we are far enough inland that we don’t have to deal with salt spray/mist.  Nevertheless I’m surprised at how much haze and fog and overcast we’re getting.

It’s not as if it’s off-putting.  We had more fog in Oregon.  We had plenty of overcast days in Wisconsin.  And winter rain is always better than snow.  It’s just a matter of adapting.

The weather has pushed the pause button on my picnic table painting.  The project has been damp for several days and with a wet forecast for 7 out of the next 10 days I don’t think we’re going to dry off quickly.  This has been a very atypical month.  Brownsville normally gets between .001-.013″ of rain in December — this year we’ve had over 1″ — so we’re looking at at least 5X the average rain.  Not much by Milwaukee standards but the soil here doesn’t usually deal with this much moisture at this time of year.

I’m not keen on birding in the rain — so we haven’t been out doing ‘interesting things’ for a few days.  Yet, we haven’t been sitting around on out thumbs either.  It’s amazing how a day goes by in retirement.

Ambulances and EMS

Last night the EMS made another visit to the resort.  EMSTo my knowledge (and we’ve been gone a lot during the day) they have been here three times in December. Linda — a longtime Winter Texan says that one year she kept count of the call-outs all through the 6 months they were here and the EMS made 35 trips to Palmdale.  It’a a fact of aging.

The residents here have an association, there are a variety of things they do to raise money to help out local causes and needs.  They have made contributions to battered women’s shelters, and children’s causes, and all sorts of things — but every year the make a contribution to the local EMS squad.


Yee Haw….. go git them little dogies….


Cameron County Fair

If the rodeo doesn’t get us, perhaps we’ll succumb to the Cameron County Fair, later in the year.

Los Fresnos is also home to the first PRCA Rodeo of the year.  It’s the start of the rodeo season for professional riders and ropers.  Volunteers from the resort serve as ushers at the rodeo each year.  The rodeo occurs on the first weekend in February and I’m not sure if we’ll go or not.  Lots of people in small spaces aren’t usually our thing but who knows — perhaps insanity will grip us and we’ll go.

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough so I’ll say Ta ta, for today.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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