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Reclined, Inclined, Declined

Good News!  Roger came by and we are sofa-less. He dragged the old one away in his Pickup and WoW, is there a lot of room now!

2014121909365105The recliner was easy to put together (10 bolts – using supplied allen wrenches) and fits nicely in the intended location.  One of these days I have to unbolt the now useless seatbelts that formerly came up through the seat of the sofa to make us an officially 4 passenger coach. Now we’re only an officially 2 passenger coach.

2014121909353303But we’re good to go! That is the last of our intended remodels for the time being.  And I’m very much more comfortable than I was sitting in that sat-out sofa.

It turns our that the folding computer table we found last summer at Bed Bath and Beyond fits in the space vacated by the sofa but I don’t think we’ll travel with that table assembled.2014121909351002

I really like the fact that this chair has a footrest but we don’t have to give up the real estate to an ottoman.  I get the convenience and comfort of an ottoman without the wasted space.

Given the forecast for rain for 6 hours this p.m. we opted to drive to Brownsville so as to check out the Border Flea Market.  We thought that because the Donna Flea Market was so interesting the others might be equally so.  We were mistaken.  There wasn’t much to see, or to purchase.  After a walk around the flea market that lasted about 15 minutes we chose to take a drive around Brownsville to get a little better acquainted.  There’s an active historic shopping district.  And similar shopping options to those in Harlingen.  WE had a nice look around, found some needful items at Home Depot.  2014121912410506Then, after being told by at least half a dozen Winter Texans that we just have to try Dirty Al’s resto we stopped in for a really fresh and tasty lunch that included their triple treat bread pudding.  The shrimp and scallops had to be among the freshest and best prepared I’ve had in a long time. I’m sure we’ll return.

I guess I’ll not get around to reading today.  🙂 But there is suddenly more room in the coach and I’m exhilarating illusion of newfound room.  A little bit of self-delusion is almost always a good thing. 🙂

In keeping with the forecast reliability in Los Fresnos the 6 hours of rain that were supposed to arrive — did not arrive.  As I said yesterday — a forecast here is of no value and you’re best off just living in the moment.

So, there you have it.  I thank you for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Reclined, Inclined, Declined

  1. That’s an awesome looking chair. Might I ask where you found it? Now that we’ve replaced the couch, we’re looking to either reupholster or replace my chair. 🙂


    • Ingrid —

      We got it at the Don-Wes Flea Market — they order 50 of them at a time — an entire shipping container of them. Only this color. It’s quite comfy, but it does sit HIGH off the ground. Fine for me (6’2”) but Peg’s feet dangle. But we bought if for me cuz she loves the sofa on the curbside. and being left-handed I gravitate towards the roadside.

      I was not having luck finding a place to rebuild the springs — that was the problem — somehow 1/2 of it was unsprung. If it had been just re-upholstering I would have done that instead — there are several places here in the Brownsville area where I could have gotten it done.

      > >


      • I can say this though, Ingrid. They had (I think) 5 different styles — I think 3 had ottomans and 2 did not (ours was one of them without the ottoman) So if you were down here while the Don-Wes Flea Market was active you might find a DIFFERENT chair that worked for you. Prices on all were in the $450-500 area with LEATHER upholstery. They had other cloth recliners at lower prices but I wasn’t interested so we didn’t really look at them.


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