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On Birds and Un-Done Chores

I haven’t been doing my chores, there are jobs needing doing around the ‘house’ (read that:  coach) but I’m not in a big hurry to get at them.  Instead we made another trip to the Birding Center on Padre Island.  I guess I’m really retired — time was that I’d insist on finishing all these images before I showed them to anyone — now I’m just out there for the pure fun of it and you get to see the images just as they come out of the camera — maybe a little cropping, but even that isn’t too necessary when my long lens lets me get this close.

This little guy has a cute little rhytmn when he runs.  I couldn’t get a good shot of him this time but I will, eventually.  The thing about birding is you have to be willing to sit still long enough — and this one we caught after my stomach had begun growling for lunch and I just wasn’t patient enough.

The SPI birding center has a series of boardwalks and several different environments for critters.  The alligators had babies this year.  One of the visitors caught a shot of momma with a baby riding piggy back on her … duh… back.  I just got these.

It seems as how this should be a Common Rail.  It’s amazing how long the bill on these guys is.  They use it to go plunging into the soft wet earth in search of whatever it is that they eat: grubs, worms, little crabs?

Snowy Egrets are so elegant, even if it may look at times as if they have a broken neck.  This series I was luck with.  The first four are pretty much full frame.  He wasn’t all that far away.

20141210121201210Herons are fun too.  They have the oddest grumbling sound.  I sometimes feel a special kinship with them knowing that I must sound the same on those occasions when someone has rumpled my feathers too.   20141210120435194

Last time I was here  (not last week, but 5 years ago) I tried my darndest to get some shots of these Murr Hens — This isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what I got last time.

I think it’s a good thing that we are here now, and for a duration.  I think I’m a bit tired of going.  I want to slow down for a while.  I haven’t been reading (again) — a fact that isn’t completely the fault of our activity level — I started re-reading Studs Terkel’s Working and I find it so thought provoking that I can’t read too much at a time.  I’ll read one or two interviews and then I need a few days for the content to kind of settle in my psyche.  I guess I need to get out a couple more mysteries to jump start my reading again.

I have also been looking at my waistline…. the doctor wasn’t happy with my weight (in September) and I doubt I’ve done my waistline any favors since then.  I think I’m due for some serious throat-cutting  in the near future.  But I won’t bore you with the gruesome details on that front…. seems every American has weight problems of one ilk or another.

While Peg is off at the laundry here I unbolted both of my driver’s mirrors and pumped a bunch of penetrating oil into them to start loosening up those mirror-arms so I can reposition them.  Might take me several months to get the penetrating oil INTO them, and get them loosened but we have time. 🙂

I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the incline on our California Concept awning.  I think I need more than two hands.  I’ll have to try that again when Peg’s around to use her hands.

Well, the bread machine is humming along as I type and I have chores I cannot put off (says my wife) so I’d best call it quits for now.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “On Birds and Un-Done Chores

    • Judy, confession time. I have three or four but I hate to get them out. I know that’s stupid. But on the other hand I have always had a thing about classifications. Most of the time I’m more interested in the beauty of the creature/plant than in the name men assigned to it. And maybe that’s what I should do….. just post the picture with NO Identification. 🙂

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  1. Great shots of the Egret…. my favorite. They seem so elegant. I’m with you and the names of the birds. I love their beauty and could care less about the name.


    • Ingrid: “I love their beauty and could care less about the name.” — I always knew there was a good reason we see eye to eye! 🙂

      Hope to get over to SPI at least once a week. I really am a lazy birder!


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