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Birding While We are Waiting

2014120510333817 2014120510333921 2014120510350136Just because we’re ‘waiting’ to get into our assigned site doesn’t mean we have nothing else to do.  We made another trip to Laguna Atascosa NWR and hung out at Osprey Point for a while.  This hawk is one of the current residents.

We’re still meeting more our neighbors — near and far.  Most recently it was the couple to our West who are Missourians, have been returning to Palmdale RV Resort for about 9 years and have stayed in as many different sites as the years they’ve been coming.  This year they sold their Class A and bought a 41′ 5th Wheel.  I guess they’ve decided that their traveling days are over and it’s a lot easier to make the trip back and forth in a car than in a coach.  It’s one of those things that happens with increasing age and we all have to face it.

We are having fun with the local groceries.  The big chain in this area is H-E-B.  Just to make sure no one gets upset, that is not a ethnic slur — those three letters are the initials of the founder, and using their current advertising program it can also stand for Here Everything’s Better.

Being so close to the Mexican border there are numerous specialties  that one never sees in a Wisconsin grocery.  For example, there are the End Caps at the registers.  Instead of having magazines and candy as we might in Milwaukee here we find a variety of Mexican snacks.  For example:

2014121015015209Sweet Potato Candy.2014121015020310

And it’s really just sweet potatoes and sugar.  We tried it.  Not bad.   We may have to try all of the offerings — and there must be at least a dozen varieties!

Loyalty Cards


Our Collection of Loyalty Cards

Then again there are those signs of faithful shopping — or are they signs of being cheap — anyway… a lot of groceries have their customer loyalty programs and we belong to a lot of them.  Every time we move, we check out the local store, pick up a loyalty card if they have a loyalty program and do our best to cash in on the savings.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Birding While We are Waiting

  1. DK says:

    Nice hawk photos! I bet that HEB has an awesome bakery. I love to head downtown here to a locally owned bakery to pick up their amazing Mexican pastries for some special occasions. The bakery in the Mercado in San Antonio is almost too much to take it when we go there, too. Definitely, definitely not on my diet. Better do as the locals (and me) and get your order in for homemade tamales for Christmas Eve now… a long-time tradition! 😉


    • H-E-B does have a pretty decent bakery. The products are different from what I’m accustomed to, but that’s not all bed. Our Milwaukee panaderia’s were disappointing. All they seemed to have was sweet bread. And frankly sweet bread is not something I’ve developed a taste for. That said — with Christmas coming there are all sorts of baked goods on offer — some of which we have tried — others which we will try before the season is out.

      I’ll keep the bakery in San Antonio in mind if we make a trip later in the winter.

      I love tamales and we have indulged a little already. Didn’t know about the pre-order idea. Then again I’m not sure what Christmas is going to be like this year. We’re signed up to participate in the Park’s group Christmas meal and I have no idea what that will be — but we’ll take it all in stride.

      I am having little problems learning what I can find in the groceries here. We have not had a decent Italian meal in months and months and I was hungering for (at last resort) a Stouffer’s frozen lasagna and could not find one. Peg makes the best in the world but we have to downsize our recipe to bake in the convection and having not yet done that I was looking for an easy ‘fix’ for my habit. Then again, pierogi are no where to be found. The cuts of meat are equally good — but entirely different from Wisconsin. I see I’m going that I’m going to have to purchase more prime cuts of beef if I want beef. The prime cuts are reasonably priced but the butchered cuts aren’t what I want and they prices are ridiculous. Oh well, it’s all Life Unscripted. 🙂



    • Little by little I’m getting my skills back. We’re having a blast and the nice thing about birding is: you’re rewarded for not doing anything!

      > >


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