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Someone Finally Took Our Money

island-time It’s as if we are on Island Time without being on the island!  You know, Island Time don’t you.  That laid back, come-when-it-will, When we arrived a week ago Monday it was right after the deluge of December 1 and everyone was in a tizzy.  A coach had arrived just before us, there was a 5th wheel in the parking lot and a lot of hubbub in the office.  No one asked us to pay for our stay.

A week went by and no one said anything about money.

signsFinally I decided maybe I better go into the office and make inquiries.  Curiously enough they were glad to take our payment but there wasn’t a “Oh, my, we forgot to collect our rent,”  or “Why didn’t you check with us sooner,” or anything.  I like these people.  They seem to know that they are dealing with good and honest people and they don’t make the financial aspects of the stay their first priority.  It’s just another reason to like where we are.

Other than that, Tuesday was a bit of frustration.  We visited, Walmart, Target, Goodwill, Lowes and Home Depot and we came away with very little that we were searching for.  GRRRRRRRRRR!

gutterI did learn that Lowes does have my SYMMETRICAL gutter — but having stopped there first I didn’t want to make all those other stops with a piece of gutter hanging out the back end of the car.  Guess I didn’t think that one through very well! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.26.48 AMWe also found a blanket.  It turns out that they are making knitted blankets that feel like a sweater and look like a comfy sweater.  This one is light enough for what we want — and most importantly it’s the right size.  The lightweight one we had was originally for a smaller bed and restless sleeper that I am my feet are always sticking out the bottom end and getting cold.

There are times when RV’ing is like setting up housekeeping all over again.  WE HAD BLANKETS before we downsized.  Where the heck all that stuff went is beyond me!

We won’t talk about the rest of the looking trip (we didn’t accomplish anything);  everything I wanted no one had.

I should clarify one thing about the moisture here.  There is no problem getting around in the campground — the water puddles dry up soon enough after a rain, and everything works.  But if you are trying to park on turf and you are as heavy as we are it just takes time for the water in the turf to dry up enough that you don’t make deep gouges in the process of back in.  Today, one couple trading out of a Class A coach and into a 5th Wheel, had their 5th wheel delivered to their site without regard to the turf and they left huge ruts — it’s really rather rude on the part of the tenant to do that to the owner’s property.

So, there you have another day in South Texas.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow. 🙂


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