Fighting Compulsion


I felt more confident when the trees along the highway changed over to palms.

We’re in our place for the winter of ’14. Whew!

Well, sort of…..

The trip down was nice,  overcast for part of the trip, a few sprinkles for part of the trip, and loblolly puffy clouds in a blue skies for part of the trip.  But…. alas,…. a couple hours before we arrived there was another downpour, following shortly upon heavy rain late last week.  So, our site is soft and rather than risk getting into a mud-flinging situation the park put us near the clubhouse for the drying off period.  Which is fine — we have a phone number for Norcold service and we’ll have to pull in and out and over to Harlingen to get the fridge looked at — so this is just fine for the interim.    I’m tired and wore out — so I’ll show you were we are now — tomorrow.  But first job tomorrow is get on the phone and try to get an appointment for our coach — or get it looked at if we are really lucky.


In a day or two when the post-downpour water dries up this will be our site (disregard the pick-up that’s parked in the wrong place. The site is about 40 x 90, we’re on a street corner on the outside row of the park — so it’s a view of farmland beyond.

So, we’re finally here;  it seems a long time getting here.  But in the full disclosure of facts, we thought we would be here 12 months ago — so it’s kind of like delayed fulfillment!  We actually learned about the RV campground/resort over a year ago when we were volunteering at Spring Valley / Eau Galle Lake in Wisconsin.  We met three couples caravanning together, guests for a few days at the Corps of Engineers location where we were working and they spoke so highly of the place where they wintered that we thought it would be a nice place to try.  More of that in the next few days, but first, a confession.


I never seem to want to go in the same direction as everyone else.

There are days when it’s hard for me to accept my own true nature.  Now that we’re planted in a new place “it” will start all over again.

I don’t know how you find it:  most of the time I’m content being myself; but there are times when I have to fight these compulsions to be someone quite different and I often notice the conflict most when we have just transitioned from one RV campsite to another.

A little bit of background here.  There were about 7 years when I drove truck:  semi, cross country, primarily flatbed. During that time I had the luxury of being most who I am.  I interacted with people on the day I loaded freight,  I had limited interactions with truckstop personnel and other drivers for one day to five days while I transported my load and then I interacted again with people while I unloaded.  Step and repeat.  Step and repeat.  nonconformity

The entire rest of my career I had to spend more time dealing with people, promoting myself, promoting what I had done, selling and making people happy than I ever wanted.  Most of my career I traveled — meaning I had to be ‘On’ when I walked into a customer, client, user’s place of business and I spent too many working nights on the road, instead of home in my own bed next to my own wife.

I hate having to promote myself.  I hate promotions period.  If a product is good people will buy it, and my telling that it is better than they think it is isn’t going to fool anyone.   Thus, when I call myself a recluse or say that I don’t like people it’s something I’ve had a lot of time to think about.  I don’t really dislike them, but I surely like to control my exposure!!!!!!

feeling-better-blogPeg & I are both feeling much better after the last 2 days.  My hacking cough is much diminished.  And as soon as we began feeling better there was this urge, this compulsion, to have to get out and go, get out and do, to ‘take advantage’ of this place and time, and opportunity.  I hate when I do that!

Ok — I’m not going to go on about knowing your own true nature or anything like that.  I’m not particularly into Zen, or Yoga, or the meditative disciplines. I just wish I could learn to ignore that voice that keeps whispering, “You should be doing….” whatever it might be.

Perhaps that is part of the reason we wanted this extended period of time in one place.  When we were volunteering at the Oregon Dunes  the gig kept us busy 5 days a week and the other two were divided between resting up and a little bit of exploration.  I seemed to be able to stifle that Kopy-Kat voice telling me to do what tourists do:  go here, see that, take pictures of something else.  Sometimes I don’t want to go anywhere, or see whatever, or take pictures of anything.

This is our life, not a vacation.  Over 46 years (our Wedding Anniversary is December 21)  we have taken a lot of road trips.  We’ve traveled to most of the U.S. touristy spots — we don’t need to do that again.  We just want to enjoy living in different parts of this wonderful country.  When I read another blogger talking about doing all those things I don’t find myself thinking — “Hey, I ought to do that too.”  But in the quiet of the night, I still say to myself, “you could be out there doing this, or doing that.” But when I’m awake, I really don’t care about those things!


Freddy Fender

Did YOU know that Freddy Fender was from San Benito?

Our arrival in San Benito will bemap_of_san_benito_tx another challenge to simply take each day as it comes.  There will be chores to be done — and a refrigerator to get repaired.  I mentioned to Peg that I want to hold off on one of our personal goals until January.  While down here we want to see whether we can find another RV campground that we like better for future visits to the area.  And, we want to spend time in the refuges.

But… I’d really like to hang out around the house this month and see if I can finish re-organizing and then move on to exploring the outside world.  Just this past Saturday I was looking for Velcro strips that I have had for some months and it took me half a day to find them.  I’d like to get to the point that I know where to look for things — whether or not they are stored neatly away.  Neat is over rated.  Knowledge is not.

So, today we’ll be getting settled in.  I’ll start sharing info about the park after we get settled in a little.   Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Fighting Compulsion

  1. Things to put on your to do list: read a novel, take a nap, surf the internet, spend time at lolcats, visit with neighbors, watch a movie, try a new recipe, play a game, etc. That way you can be doing without having to do. 🙂


    1. Cute Linda!

      Love novels, and have read more in the last 4 months than we did in the year of volunteering!
      Naps are a regular part of our ritual!
      And don’t even let Peggy hear you telling me to spend MORE time on the InterWebs!
      I do all the cooking so I’m always trying recipes seeing as I don’t USE them most of the time.
      Movies are always good.

      The rest we’re taking under advisement. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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