Refrigerator Woes (Version 3)

2014112310461505We’ve had two prior problems with our Norcold 1200LRM – 4-door refrigerator.2014112310455904  We are now experiencing the third instance.  Many Norcold owners are familiar with the dread RED LIGHT and therein lies our problem.  

The dread red light is supposed to shut down the fridge if there is a malfunction threatening so serious an overheat that the unit could catch fire.  To me that sounds like a very good reason to have a  dread red light .  I really don’t want my fridge bursting into flames.  

To be fair to Norcold there are times when the  dread red light  will illuminate that have nothing to do with overheating — for example — I found one owner who had the red light come one after having their RV power washed — evidently getting water in the wrong place, or with too much pressure could cause the same problem we are having.  Yesterday we had winds in the +/- 20 MPH range and we had a good amount of rain.  Now that The Weather Channel took down their previous day’s stats page I have no idea how much rain we had, but the forecast had been for 1″ to 2″.

Sunday morning in spite of feeling like wet dishcloths we drove over to the closest Home Depot and bought a couple magnets — there is supposed to be a way of exposing the relay to a magnet which is supposed to cause the small reed switch to reset. That sounded good, but I could not get achieve the desired end.  All I got was…. nuthin’.    So, tomorrow we see if we can find a dealership to fix the fridge — yet again.

We  have three service departments queued up. I hope between the bunch of them we’ll find someone who can get us in, get the trouble diagnosed, and hopefully out of here before Turkey Day.

We’ll see what happens.  We are supposed to leave Galveston Island State Park on Monday.  Depending on our success with the dealerships and how long it might be before they can look at our fridge we’ll craft an alternate plan.    We are supposed to arrive at Matagorda Bay Nature Park Monday for 7 nights, and we may have to find out whether we could get a refund if we’re stuck in Houston/Galveston.  None of which can be done on Sunday.

So, God is Good, all the time.  This could have happened 500 miles from a service shop — there are several within 70 miles.  And once again, welcome to our Unscripted Life.

I’ll talk with you tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Refrigerator Woes (Version 3)

  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. Glad you are in an area where there are several repair options. The wind blew so hard here yesterday (over 40mph gusts) that it blew out the pilot light on our central heat system early Sunday morning. Was a bit chilly in our house when we woke up!


    1. It’s just something mechanical and mechanical things all have their problems. I’m curious to find whether it’s really a failure, or whether it’s a false shutdown caused by horizontal rain? > >


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