Well….. That was fun…

Galveston FerrySunday did not go according to Hoyle!  We woke about 7 and by 7:21 I had looked through the weather forecasts for NOLA, Lake Charles, and Galveston for Sunday and Monday.  With rain and mild wind on the books for Sunday but strong winds forecast for Monday we dis some serious reconsideration.

2014111615250404An hour later we had packed the coach, fueled and we were on our way to Galveston.  I’d rather drive in rain with a little wind than drive in strong winds from the wrong direction.Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.19.30 PM

And so it is that we had an interesting day.

There was an overturned vehicle on I-10 near Baton Rouge.  The highway was closed and we thought we were following the illuminated directions but evidently we were not.  We exited at US 90 (Business — not main route) and ended up downtown with 58′ of coach and tow.  Then before we knew it we were in the middle of a walk/run route.  And then we were being escorted out of the run/walk route by a member of the local constabulatory.    We put on a bunch of miles but weren’t any the worse for wear.

2014111615301806Then there was the rain.  When everyone — including the semi’s — are driving 40 MPH down the 70 MPH Interstate with 4 way flashers on you know it’s raining just a little bit.

2014111615374108We got off the Interstate shortly after entering Texas, heading for TX 87 and the Bolivar Peninsula / Galveston Ferry, our first ferry ride in the coach.


Peggy’s having fun seeing all the Pelicans!

If you didn’t know Texas has a long tradition of free ferry services and the Bolivar / Galveston ferry is among them.  Service is quick — and on a windy rainy Sunday there was no appreciable waiting time.

galveston island spWe arrived at Galveston Island State Park moments before the registration staff left for the day.  The park is about 15 miles further on down the road from Galveston city and there’s not much out here — sand, saw grass, and what else we’ll have to find out when the sun comes up and we can see where we are!

This is our first stay in a Texas State Park so we have a lot to experience, and a lot to learn about Texas State Parks.  We purchased an annual pass for the car, saved ourselves $20.00 and wound up with coupons good for three nights staysGalveston Island Map.

Ok — I’m tired and the wind is howling like a Banshee. (I’m writing this Sunday evening before bed)  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Well….. That was fun…

  1. Glad your trip went ok, considering all, and definitely glad you drove thru Bolivar and took the ferry to Galveston. Did you have a Dolphin escort while riding the ferry? We have had one every time we have ridden it. Had a chuckle at your constable escort story. Very interested in that state park for a future trip, as we have good friends in the area. Wondering how it has recovered from hurricane Ike. My last birding story this month took place at Bolivar a few months after Ike. It is a hard one to write but determined to finally tell it.


    1. NO dolphins — but lots of seagulls and pelicans. the water was really pretty ugly yesterday with the winds kicking up.

      Too early for me to know much about the park yet — we’ll have time to get out and report more fully in a day or so when the weather improves.

      The wind was strong enough that we and our neighbors in a Winne Journey both brought our slides in overnight — the toppers were clattering around so much we thought the wind might tear them.

      Ike sure did a lot of damage here — have seen photos from before and after.


      1. I have a photo of the old Flagship Hotel, which was a Galveston icon for many years, after Ike. I took the photo months after the hurricane when basically nothing had been done to clean up that site. I hope the state park is faring well these days. Those half-off coupons can be used once each stay. We will have to renew ours in March once again, as we have held a pass ever since we bought the RV a few years ago. Also, you can arrive after hours in many of the parks and just grab an open site. Just check outside the office to see if the park has already assigned sites for people coming in that are holding reservations. We do this quite often. The only park that has ever required a gate code to get into the camping areas was the one at San Angelo, but even that was no issue for us. Palo Duro Canyon SP will not let visitors in after hours, probably due to the very steep drive down into the park.


      2. Peg has a 2nd cousin who lives here with his wife and three lovely kids. He took us on a rather lengthy historical tour last time — including info about the hotel. They bought a grand OLD house here and are remodeling it little by little.

        Evidently they do use their gate codes here — they gave us the numbers anyway. We’ll see whether we get out early enough or stay out late enough 🙂

        I’m sure after a stay or two we’ll be old hands and just love the TX state parks. We did purchase an annual pass saving ourselves $20.00 on this stay and we have three coupons for 50% off the second night on three more stays — so on our way OUT of TX in April we’ll use those 🙂 Always love saving money.


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