When the Weather’s Crummy — Go For a Drive!

It was a crummy day yesterday, but when a day is crummy and you don’t want to be outside getting wet, well…. it’s a great excuse for a drive and that’s what we did.    Grand Isle State Park is only 45 miles (as the crow flies) from where we are, but it’s a 2 hour, 99 mile drive as the roads go.  And on a day with 20+ mph winds out of the North no one wanted to be walking the streets of New Orleans.2014111312394005  We have two days, at least, before we leave — we can walk when it’s a little drier — even if it isn’t much warmer.

One of our earlier iterations of this trip involved spending a couple weeks at Grand Isle State Park.  The idea of camping right on the beach was quite appealing.  There’s not much of a town on Grand Isle, a small grocery exists there, but if you need something they don’t have you’re in for a 32mil (one way) trip to Golden Meadow for the next closest grocery.  Hardware stores and such don’t exist.  But, hey, you’re away from everything.

You can see from the photos that it was a pretty gloomy day — sunshine and warmer weather would make a huge difference but we had what we had.


The campground there is quite open, with all drive through sites.  It’s an option we will consider for the future.


Houses on stilts are pretty common in hurricane country.

The drive takes you through very different terrain than we are accustomed to.  I have very little context to deal with what life must be like in this place; not now, not in the middle of winter and not in the summer.  I might as well be in a foreign country and there were a few places we drove through that I thought to myself:  it would be interesting to find an RV site here — 30 feet off a saltwater canal — and just feel the pace of life for a week or two. 2014111313464308 It’s hard for me to wrap my head around.Along the route of our Unscripted Life we are sort of looking for a place that might feel like a longterm resting place other than being in the cold of Wisconsin but that’s a minor part of what we are doing.  Yet,  I can’t help wonder if this is a social climate in which I would care to hang out in for any considerable length of time.  2014111313472009The things that make you comfortable are myriad and sometimes hard to define.  But we’re just paying attention to how we feel while we are in new places;  no judgments about the places themselves – just about how much we like them.2014111313504513

Living in hurricane country definitely requires a different way of thinking.  We just left the Oregon Coast where people are concerned about 1.) Tsunamis and 2.) Earthquakes.  Now we’re along the Gulf Coast where hurricanes are the the biggest worry.   And the way to cope with them in the hurricane flooding zone is building on stilts.

I had to admit that some of the ones I saw  yesterday drew me up short.  Some of what we saw were clearly RV’s placed on pilings. And some of them were manufactured houses.  It would seem that the manufactured houses have a reputation for tier being blown away, or for having their roofs blown off because quite a few of them had braces over the top of the house to hold the top down!

2014111313435607So, it was an interesting day.  We have said that we have no intention of ever living in Bricks & Sticks again.  I’m sure we’ll enjoy our multiple visits to Louisiana but I’m also sure that they’ll be just that — visits.

We stopped at Starfish for a light lunch — only to discover after eating 2 sandwiches and an order of sweet potato fried that our light meal was much larger than we expected.  Dinner wasn’t going to be on for last night!


Anyone know what you do with sliced PICKLED pork?

There are two other campers here at Bayou Segnette from the RVillage website — we might just meet up with someone we don’t know and make a friend!  I’ll keep you posted on that front as things develop (or don’t)  I don’t know where they are — I got a note from one of them via the website, but have no idea how long they are staying at Bayou Segnette.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “When the Weather’s Crummy — Go For a Drive!

    1. Wayne — You’re right. We’ve been here a few times over the years. But we’re going to end up saving a lot of things we might choose to visit for a subsequent visit. We aren’t spending as much time here as originally planned, but we’re having a blast.


    1. Yours looks much more appealing to me. Among other reasons I do believe this one is proportionately HIGHER in the air. The only thing about this one I like better is that they have swings installed under the deck for people on the ground to while away the hours whilst swinging side by side. 🙂


  1. That area looks so desolate…and why on earth would anyone want to live in an area that was so prone to flooding that you had to build up to survive. Cleaning up after flood is dirty, smelly work. I’ll pass on that one. Boy, great photo with the RV on stilts! 😀


    1. Why live there? The obvious answer is: OIL. The gulf is alive with drilling rigs and rig servicing and then there’s fishing, and shrimping, and all the servicing that goes with building and servicing boats….. there’s a lot of industry.

      But like yourself — it’s not for me as a longterm place to spend time. Nice to visit though. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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