Gosh Darn Destinations

While driving to Jackson for the day we had an interesting conversation.  You know, one of those, “Well, yeah, we do that, but we never thought that we did that” coversations.

It was a beautiful day — in fact we have been commenting on the fact that since we arrived in MS that the skies have been so very clear after all the rain we had in IL.  I had been looking at the map and realized that if we took a drive to Jackson we could do about 1/2 of the route Southbound on the Natchez Trace — so off we went. Nov 3 2014

You may remember that we did a drive of a section of the Natchez Trace in January of 2012 — while we were still trying to sell the house in Cudahy.  And being this close just begged to be re-driven.   Also, being good citizens of Polish extraction we had to drive through Kosciusko, MS.  If you don’t know it, Tadeusz Kościuszko was a Polish General to assisted the United States during the American Revolution.  We have statues and a park named after him in Milwaukee (a heavily Polish city at one time) and this Mississippi city  was named after him as well.  He was a military engineer and leader — who oversaw the building of state-of-the-art fortifications — including those at West Pointe — Home of the Army Military Academy.

We enjoyed about 60 miles along the Natchez Trace, a little shopping at the Whole Foods Market (Malted Barley syrup & a loaf of sourdough) as well as lunch at the China Belle restaurant (home of a rather unusual Hot & Sour soup made with tomato!)

Montgomery CountyBut back to my story.

As we drove through the tiny town of Duck Hill, MS (population 732) I saw a couple buildings I would have liked to photograph and I slowed but didn’t stop.  As we drove on down the road I was sort of kicking myself for not stopping.  And from that point arose our conversation about….


How do you feel about destinations?  My entire life I have been one of those On Time people;  early to work, never miss an appointment, take a dry run if you don’t know how to get where you’re going so you won’t be late.  I haven’t tried t let go of that kind of punctuality –never felt any need.  But I also haven’t learned to let go of the concept  of a destination and timeliness connected to it!

Someone asked me the other day if we have gotten over feeling guilty about enjoying our retirement so much.  I responded that I didn’t have any problem with guilt;  what I should have said was that I still have a hard time being spontaneous!

I can poke along down the road and take weeks to get anywhere even though it might be possible to make the trip in 2 days — but what I am still learning how to do is to say in the middle of a trip, “Oh hey, let’s just stop here and we’ll get to our next destination a day or a week later!”   Its ever so hard for me to re-assign an arrival date once I have put a mark on my mental calendar.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason we have ditzed and dithered about our stops along the way from WI to S. Texas.  Not having ‘done’ South Texas before I was a little concerned about finding a place we liked for the winter.  So that aspect of our trip I wanted to lock down.  And being free to stay longer here, or shorter there has been a real delight.  While we are locked in for four months we are sort of  planning not to plan when we leave S. Texas — giving ourselves an open schedule.  I think I want to play around some more with not having a destination.

OH, and that building I wanted to photograph…..

We stopped there on the way home. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


P.S.:  We’re here in Grenada for 6 more days.  This time next week we expect to be in Bayou Segnette State Park, just outside New Orleans.  We will have been at this Corps of Engineers park for 28 days and we’ll be ready to leave by the time next week comes around.  We’ve explored the area, relaxed, read, and made a lot of friends.  It’s been a good place to stay.  




2 thoughts on “Gosh Darn Destinations

  1. Nice photo! Our challenge on trip planning is when we plan a trip or two in our RVs with some good friends. They are very strict travel planners and want every detail planned to the max, while we are most definitely a little more laid back and willing to just take things a bit easier. I’m learning to just let my friend pretty much make the plans and just run with it because that is how it is going to happen anyway! lol That drive is on my bucket list, although I really don’t have a bucket list, I guess. Would just like to make that drive one day.


    1. Thanks for the roses.

      As for traveling with friends…. We kind of just don’t do it. This is something we have tossed around quite a bit as so many people we know DO travel with friends, even caravaning and I just don’t get it! For one thing, like yourselves, we are pretty relaxed about our planning. I may talk about it a lot but much of my talk is rather like ‘shopping’ in a 1950’s catalog — there’s lots of nice stuff there but you rarely get around to buying any of it. In fact when I was young that was how my parents avoided BUYING me many toys. They gave me the catalog, let my imagination go to town and quickly I was tired of the toy and went on to imagining some other toy. 🙂

      What we don’t like is a lot of rushing around and everyone we have known close enough to consider traveling with has done much more rushing around than ourselves. Even being with our daughter — there is a distinct difference in how much she wants to see (still being a working woman with limited vacation days) and ourselves.

      I can’t say we really have a bucket list. There are a lot of places I’d like to go, but we have been fortunate to have been so many places that if we never saw another new place in my life I’d be happy. But I enjoy frequent changes; really 2 weeks in a place seems to be right for us in so many ways — hence our uncertainty about how we’ll do with 4 months in one place. I’m really curious to see how this works out.

      I don’t think I’d ever want to do one of the Winnebago caravans (though now that we have a HR we aren’t invited any more), or Escapees, or any of those. They seem so outrageously priced for what you get and I don’t want to be on that kind of schedule. I have really, really, learned to dislike schedules — and I suspect after March that may show up in our travels.

      The Natchez Trace is a beautiful drive — you can easily creep along at 40 mph if you choose — and there are rolling hills and typical Eastern forests. Even at that pace you can easily drive it in 2 days. There aren’t a lot of RV campgrounds easily accessible to it but there are some.

      > >


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