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Ode to Pioneers of Old / Thoughts along Interstate 90

Oh what strong and determined folk they were
Just thinking about them makes one’s imagination stir.
Traveling by any means they could
Buckboard, covered wagons, with wheels made of wood.

Guided by the sun, stars, and if lucky a hand drawn map
To an unknown place where they could hang their hat.
Towards an undetermined destination
Where fate sometimes overruled determination.

Through wind, heat, rain, or bitter cold
The pioneers embodied perseverance most bold
There were no paved roads, GPS’s, nor phones of any kind
To get them out of trouble or to just ease the grind.

There were no little towns dotting the way
That had food, fuel, or sheltered room to stay
They took with them what was necessary
Only what their horses and wagons could carry.

With hopes that their provisions would last
Weeks would turn into months, time slowly passed
They kept keeping on day after day
One foot in front of the other, little time for play.

We fly over this wonderful land in haste
In such a hurry and don’t have time to waste
Pat ourselves on the back to say “We’ve come so far”
Forgetting the pioneers who lived and worked so hard.

So, when on a long journey or even a day trip
Please pause and remember the ones who started all this
Take time to reflect and read the stories told
And give thanks to the courageous pioneers of old.


Peg wrote this a couple months ago
while we were headed Eastbound 
from Oregon to Wisconsin


4 thoughts on “Ode to Pioneers of Old / Thoughts along Interstate 90

  1. Peg,I love this poem. When we are traveling west at highway speeds, I often think about the bravery of the pioneers traveling in the wagon trains. I love the places that you can actually see the wagon ruts, and we were amazed at seeing where they wrote their names on the cliffs.

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  2. Linda Sand says:

    I also have these types of thought when traveling west but I don’t express them nearly so well. Kudos to Peg.


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