It’s a Bit Nippy!

cold-weatherThirty Two Degrees and falling.  Yup,  it’s getting a bit nippy.  Even here  in Grenada MS! It’ll be a bit cooler tonight (forecast at 28º) and then we gradually move up the thermometer for the next week. Happy November! But then, you’ve got to expect Momma Nature to march forward with her Seasons whether or not we’re ready for them.


I like my tan lines!

Don’t let the numbers on the thermometer fool you!  Just because temps are falling doesn’t mean I’m putting shoes on! One of my goals when we retired was to keep my feet in sandals as much as possible.  Working at the Dunes we weren’t able to do that — you know… safety shoes and such.  But when we left the Oregon Coast I put my shoes in the closet and with rare exceptions I’ve been wearing my Teva sandals and Crocs.  I’m quite happy with my tan lines.  What do you think?   With luck I won’t be wearing my  ‘real’ shoes for some time (Unless we end up in places with poisonous snakes or Gila monsters). I have sweaty feet and all my life I have lived in wet shoes.  I can put a pair on and an hour later they’re wet inside.  Sandals let my feet dry out and I’m doing my darndest to live with dry feet.

Lasko heater

Well, this didn’t work out well at all. ugh.

First news of the day is about that recent Lasko heater purchase. It gets warm alright — but the thermostat isn’t functioning correctly (or it doesn’t seem to be) and it continues outputting heat long after it should have stopped. On these < $50.00 heaters I don’t expect a narrow heat range but this thing has both a wide temperature range between turn-on an turn-off, but also the thermometer doesn’t seem to read temperature changes.  Sticky bi-metla strip or something.   I don’t know if we still have the receipt but I think we’ll try to return it against our credit card and if that doesn’t work we may just toss it — I don’t feel comfortable with a wonky thermostat in a heater! Not at all. P.S.:  turns out we disposed of the box it came in, so I guess no return.  I’m going to try  moving it to the Lounge — perhaps it’s designed for a larger space, and the thermostat may handle a larger space better….. we’ll see.  

I have no idea where Friday went!  It was cool during the day and I got started keywording images in my photo catalog and it seems that might have been all I accomplished beyond reading and cooking.  It was a good day and I enjoyed my time.  Peg got some reading done and towards evening I did too. We don’t have to be going places or fixing things all the time.  It’s nice to simply BE in a place.

The ebb and flow of campers increased a bit as we got into the weekend.  About 1/2 of the sites in two campgrounds might be full this weekend. But the third campground officially closes for the season at 10 a.m. today, Saturday.   The other two remain open year round.


It’s hard to read the reservation information on these narrow Carcenite posts.

I feel a little better about not being stupid after last evening.  We were taking an evening walk and a new camper drove in looking for a non-reservable spot where he and his grand-daughter could camp and he could not for the life of him figure out the campsite availability scheme here.  Which made me feel much better — when we drove on that first day it was hard to realize that there were printed words “reserved” on the Carcenite site markers  and small boxes with dates written in them in china marker.  They just didn’t show up very well.  We directed the new camper to a site we knew to be available and he’s quite happy and we walked off feeling vindicated and helpful!

Interestingly enough, the campground that is closing has hosts who are remaining through the winter — they’ll have their chores to do even in the cold.  But the host at the third campground — the other one of three that we aren’t in — he is leaving.  He’s been picking up his gear for 3 days now and I understand he’s only been here 2 months.  Yikes — he REALLY moved in!!!!  Skirting and tents and golf carts and all sorts of stuff….  Not sure if they are going to replace him before Spring (or if they already have) — I’m sure we’ll discover that in the next few days.   I was commenting to Peggy about this guy while we were walking and for a moment she was wondering if I was suggesting we try to snag that hosting job — but NOT — I’m not ready to go back to hosting yet!!!  I’m enjoying our freedom. Chilly Willy

When we were checking out Bob & Janice’s RV I noticed that they have an electric blanket, as do a LOT of RV’ers we know. We haven’t used one…. well,…. since Hector was a pup.  I know that on an efficiency scale the electric blanket would be a more effective way of staying warm overnight.  You heat that which touches your body overnight not all the air inside the RV.  But there’s a BUT…. I don’t like getting up in a cold ROOM!  It’s something I’m going to ponder for a while.

There’s a bigger reason for that conversation than might appear.  The RV’ers over at Technomadia converted their entire coach to electric.  They don’t have propane at all.  And I have been pondering the implications of that.  Our solar installation did not add MORE batteries but we did add AGM batteries with more storage.  We are up at about 600 amp hours (If I remember correctly).  Sean and Louise (the couple who used to RV in their Neoplan conversion called Odyssey before they bought a trawler named Vector) had 11 batteries in their coach.  I have been wondering whether it would be worth the effort to remove our propane tank and replace it with a bay’s worth of storage batteries.  That would necessitate other changes — expensive ones: new fridge, a stove that wouldn’t work (but I never use the stove anyway — I use our induction burner) and no gas furnace.  I’m not in a hurry to think about this but it’s something I’m playing with.  I probably won’t make that change but when I have ‘nothing else to think about’ I’ll toss it around for a while.

Ok — there you have it.  We’re gonna try to return our heater today and maybe pick up some groceries while we’re out.  I’m stilly wanting to get to organizing chores but as long as I’m having fun reading that may win out over work. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Bit Nippy!

  1. I had to retire my flip-flops for the winter a couple of weeks ago. ;-( I’m not quite as warm-natured as I was before losing the weight this year, and my feet were cold! haha We bought two Lasko heaters at Sam’s Club last week, one for each zone in the RV, but they are more of a “tower” in design. Each one has a thermostat, and we had hoped to try them out this weekend on a quick trip. Work needs kept us at home, but we will probably try them over our Thanksgiving trip. Converting to all electric is an interesting idea but wonder if extended cloud cover, snow, etc. could ever pose a problem with that at some point if depending on solar. I have an electric blanket over me in the RV and wouldn’t trade for it. Hubby likes to keep it cold inside overnight in winter, and that is the only way I can survive! lol


    1. We have a tower version of the Lasko that we like a lot — but could not find the same when we were shopping for this most recent one.
      It seems to work better in a large room, however, having said that we also tripped a breaker last night using it.
      As I mentioned — I doubt we ever would actually follow through on the all-electric idea — but we’ll see what happens over the next year. Between now and 4/1 we won’t be boondocking — once we get past that date the situation might be very different.
      We are generally pretty similar in overnight sleeping preferences to we turn the small heater on low, down to something around 60 and we’re happy.
      We’ll see what happens this winter.


  2. I like my no propane rig. Everything is either electric or runs off my diesel fuel tank. Then we have too many overcast days for my solar panels to keep up and I have to go drive the freeway to recharge my house batteries. That’s not as much fun but still worth it to me to never have to find a place to get propane.


  3. Peter,
    We actually have an electric mattress pad, we found that we liked that better than an electric blanket. Nice to have the heat under you.


    1. Thanks Bob. It’s been a long time since we used an electric blanket/pad/anything. I have never been sure about sleeping on TOP of the wires.
      So far our small heater (400W) in the bedroom has been more than enough — even before we had the PLQ and we were in the Winnebago without a bedroom door to close.
      Hopefully it’ll be warm enough that we don’t need to worry about electrified beds. 🙂


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