Another trip to Oxford

I’m adding this just before it publishes because we had visitors yesterday!  Bob and Janice Flanigan stopped by to say hello.  Bob and I have been in contact over the InterWebs about our similar coaches and the Flanigans are on their way to Florida for a Volunteer gig.  They saw the blog and decided — “we know them — why not stop off and visit”  — so they did.  It was nice to get better acquainted and to share stories.  A good old chinwag is always fun!  Thanks to Bob and Janice for stopping off!

We made another trip to Oxford.  It was a beautiful day and after two days without even getting behind the wheel of the car it was time for a little jaunt.

We had two reasons, really.

  1. We had planned only a few days here in Grenada. As a result we’re running out of whole bean coffee!  Time to restock,  but we haven’t seen any local store with coffee beans.  We checked out coffee roasters in Oxford and found:High Point Coffee — it’s a local roaster with several stores around town and while they are a bit spendier than our usual the quality seems OK and they were close enough to make a day trip.
  2. I’ve been talking with another RV’er about additional RV modifications.  Our conversations had me wanting to do research and, yup,  because we have no Home Depot store here… yup…. Roadtrip!.A little backgroun.  This other  RV’er has the same model Ambassador as ours (but a couple years newer). Our conversations have revolved about storage and he mentioned a fabricated option that he liked which I had never considered.  Given my penchant for mulling things over, I decided I’d check out Home Depot’s in-stock parts.The idea of using wire closet shelving for RV storage shelving never occurred to me. I like the idea but I have reservations — and those are based on something called Rotocasting.
    Rotocasting or Rotacasting

    Rotocasting or Rotacasting

     All of our storage bays are manufactured from what’s called rotacast plastic.  It’s an interesting process where a mold is rotated while beads of raw plastic material are injected into the mold.  The mold continues rotating while heat is applied, while the plastic melts, and while the mold cools.  That our primary storage bay is about 2′ by 8′ by 8′ calls forth rather interesting visuals, of large molds rotating and revolving in a rather large machine!  But because no matter how durable the material seems to be, it’s still basically some compound of plastic.

    storage option

    Our friend’s inverter bay.

    Wire closet shelving  for storage bay organzation — in a movable vehicle.  It’s an interesting idea, but it scares me.  I wonder about matching the number of fasteners to the storage load — and computing some fastener overkill to compensate  for in-transit vibration and twisting that the rotocast parts will endure.  Then again, right now those oversized plastic tubs are waterproof at the moment.  I’m not so sure about drilling holes through the plastic  and risking the torque and bouncing up and down on the fastener holes leaving me with a sieve instead of a water tight enclosure.  So, I’m just thinking about the idea.

    Our inverter bay

    Our inverter bay

    A secondary consideration — at least for our inverter bay is that we not only have our inverter in that bay, we also have two solar controllers and two solar disconnects mounted on the back wall where the attachment points would be.  There a couple model years difference between their PLQ and our PLQ so that there’s also a difference in size between the relay panel in our coaches — his being smaller than ours.

    I would like to get more efficient storage out of those bays but making changes in the coach  is something I’m slow to do.  I’ll move stuff around in an instant but before I start drilling holes In the coach, let’s make sure I know what I’m doing.

    You've seen these wire closet shelves, I"m sure.

    You’ve seen these wire closet shelves, I”m sure.


    attachment clips

    And that’s where I’m… Even after our drive, I’m not sure this is something I want to do.  I like the idea of wire shelving — it’s nice and light.  It’s also available in widths from 8″ to 20″ and lengths upwards to 12′ (not that I could use anything that long!).  The manufacturer makes attachment clips to use for securing the shelves to walls.  And that’s where I get hung up. Using screws and anchors to attach a shelf to a plastic wall un-nerves me.  The opposite side of the rotocast parts is not available for the use of bolts and nuts, so you’re kind of stuck using screws and anchors.  And can you achieve sufficient tightness to prevent them loosening from the vibration?    Mumble, mumble, mumble….

    I think I’m going to mull this over for a while.  If we decide to modify the storage we’ll have plenty of time while we’re in S. Tex.  — and we’ll have a Home Depot store much closer to us then than we have now.

    Does this happen to you?  You get a bug in your ear and you don’t want to let go?  I’ve always had a weakness there.  Something like this will pop back into my head a few times a day for weeks.  Eventually I’ll do something about it, or I’ll finally say, it’s not a good idea, but in the meantime it will nag me.  There’s no reason we can’t continue using storage tubs of some sort.  Poor Peg is worn out looking at different size storage containers.  We did so for Journey, and we’ve been doing it again for Serendipity.

    The reason I’m still thinking about this is that my reservations about storage containers are not a short term reservations.  Those buggers get heavy when you really utilize the space.  And, whatever is INSIDE a tub may not be obvious unless your tubs are labeled or see thru.

    For the time being I’m just going to think about what to do.  I have even wondered whether it would be possible to retrofit our 2 large bays with slide-out drawers.  But I suspect that would cost more than I would be willing to spend.

Thanks for stopping by and I”ll walk with you tomorrow.


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