Little Chores

Little by little I’m working off projects that have been on my list for months.

Toad adjustments


Our Brake Buddy isn’t sophisticated but it works.

Our auxiliary braking device is a Brake Buddy.   It’s not the most elegant solution but it’s the one our first RV dealer was selling and that’s the one we have.  No need to replace it — it works quite well.  But…

That ‘But…’ relates to a small annoyance that I’ve been living with this last two years and I finally got around to making a simple solution.  The Brake Buddy has a breakaway sensor at the front of our Toad.   The breakaway signal is transmitted to the Brake Buddy mechanism via a two-conductor wire that plugs into the top of the Brake Buddy.

The wire snakes through the vehicle firewall and there’s about 7 feet of wire that just kind of gets in the way.  I had been simply placing the wire underneath the front floor mat and then along the seat towards the backseat area.  But it bunches up, and gets uncovered.


There’s a small cubbyhole here that’s perfect for my breakaway wire.

Then I realized that the solution to my problem lay  right before my eyes — or rather right at my knee.  The CR-V has a small storage area behind a little drawer at the left door pillar and all I needed to do was to drill a hole in the back of the compartment, snake the wire through and then I could coil the wire up, set it in the drawer and then close the drawer when the Brake Buddy wasn’t in use.  When we are towing, we open the door, uncoil the wire, plug it in and close the door again. Simple.

Hazy Headlight Covers

headlamp lensOur CR-V is 10 years old now. There are a  lot of kits out there to polish the headlamp lens.  They’re a bit spendy but I decided to try a home remedy.  Armed with my trusty drill, a buffing and polishing wheel, and a nearly empty tube of toothpaste I tackled the job of polishing our lenses and the toothpaste did a mighty fine job.

One of the nicest parts of RV’ing is the wonderful people you meet.  Over the weekend our across-the-street neighbor was a couple who live in Oxford — about 30 miles North. They are looking for places to spend a month this winter so we had a chance to share ideas and prospects.  It’s such a delight that RV’ers are almost always so willing to help; whereas in business there so often seem to be secrets, and hidden gems that no one wants to share — as if they are afraid that they’ll give away an advantage.  But RV’ers don’t seem to be moved by the same set of worries or fears and so many times all you have to do is express a thought, or a wonder, and you are met with ideas and suggestions, and ideas galore.  It’s so refreshing!

And then there are Sunrises!

2013102217494105Our time on the Oregon Coast was wonderful but our compound, being about 1 mile inland from the coast was surrounded by trees.  And the tallest of them seemed to be towards the West.  So, every evening when we were home at sundown we were unable to see the sun set.  And  with  hills to the East we never saw a proper sunrise from the Coach while we were on the Forest.

It should be no surprise then that we are relishing every single sun-up and sun-down we get to enjoy now!  This campsite we are enjoying is reason enough for us to have extended our stay by 2 weeks.  That it should give us a glimpse of the sunrise each morning is reason enough for us to wake with joy and anticipation.  Sunrise on Peter's Pond

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!



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