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Forget the high and low roads…take the LONG ROAD

At one time I was considering a photo project I was calling Criss-Cross — It was a road trip from Maine to San Diego to Blaine WA to Key West and back to Main.  While I never did that project the idea of taking US highways from their origin to their terminus has always appealed to me.

Recently I found this listing from USA Today.   I’m not sure if we’ll try any of these routes — but they might be something you’d be interested in…..

The 51 longest routes in the U.S.:

  1. 1364 miles: US 27, from Fort Wayne, Ind. to Miami, Fla
  2. 1381 miles: I-5, from San Ysidro, Calif. to Blaine, Wash.’s border with Canada
  3. 1386 miles: US 19, from Bradenton, Fla. to Erie, Pa.
  4. 1398 miles: US 14, from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park to Chicago, Ill.
  5. 1400 miles: US 61, from Wyoming, Minn. to New Orleans, La
  6. 1414 miles: US 36, from Uhrichsville, Ohio to Estes Park, Colo
  7. 1433 miles: I-15, from the Canada/Montana border to San Diego, Calif
  8. 1444 miles: US 23, from Jacksonville, Fla. to Mackinaw City, Mich.
  9. 1464 miles: US 160, from Poplar Bluff, Mo. to Tuba City, Ariz. near Grand Canyon National Park
  10. 1479 miles: US 85, from the Canada/North Dakota border to El Paso, Texas
  11. 1506 miles: US 26, from Ogallala, Neb. to Seaside, Ore. near Portland, Ore.
  12. 1519 miles: US 101, from Olympia, Wash. to Los Angeles, Calif.
  13. 1532 miles: US 71, from Krotz Springs, La. to International Falls, Minn. near Voyageurs National Park
  14. 1539 miles: I-20, from Florence, S.C. through Dallas, Texas (pictured) to San Martine, Texas
  15. 1540 miles: US 24, from Minturn, Colo. to Pontiac, Mich
  16. 1560 miles: US 67, from Sabula, Iowa to Presidio, Texas
  17. 1568 miles: I-35, from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minn
  18. 1574 miles: US 95, from Eastport, Idaho toSan Luis, Ariz
  19. 1585 miles: I-94, from Port Huron, Mich. to Billings, Mont
  20. 1633 miles: US 90, from Van Horn, Texas to Jacksonville Beach, Fla
  21. 1645 miles: US 11, from Rouses Point, N.Y. to New Orleans, La.
  22. 1657 miles: US 191, from Mexico/Arizona border through Yellowstone National Park to Canada/Montana border.
  23. 1680 miles: US 82, from Brunswick, Ga. to Las Cruces, N.M.
  24. 1786 miles: I-75, from Hialeah, Fla. to Sault Ste. Marie, Mich
  25. 1872 miles: US 281, from Canada/North Dakota border to Brownsville, Texas
  26. 1891 miles: US 287, from Port Arthur, Texas to Choteau, Mont
  27. 1894 miles: US 83, from Canada/North Dakota border to Brownsville, Texas
  28. 1911 miles: US 59, from Canada/Minnesota border to Laredo, Texas
  29. 1919 miles: US 84, from Midway, Ga. to Pagosa, Colo.
  30. 1925 miles: I-95, from Houlton, Maine to Miami, Fla
  31. 1998 miles: US 87, from Havre, Mont. to Port Lavaca, Texas near Powderhorn Lake
  32. 2006 miles: US 41, from Copper Harbor, Mich. to Miami Beach, Fla.
  33. 2072 miles: US 52, from Portal, N.D. to Charleston, S.C
  34. 2153 miles: I-70, from Cove Fort, Utah to Baltimore, Md.
  35. 2248 miles: US 62, from El Paso, Texas to Niagara Falls, N.Y.
  36. 2298 miles: US 40, from Atlantic City, N.J. to Park City, Utah.
  37. 2326 miles: US 64, from Teec Nos Pos, Ariz. to Nags Head, N.C.
  38. 2377 miles: US 1, from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Fla
  39. 2385 miles: US 70, from Globe, Ariz. to Atlantic, N.C. near the Outer Banks
  40. 2451 miles: Former US 66, from Chicago, Ill. to Santa Monica, Calif. Route 66 was replaced by interstates in 1985.
  41. 2460 miles: I-10, from Jacksonville, Fla. to Santa Monica, Calif.
  42. 2483 miles: US 12, from Aberdeen, Wash. to Detroit, Mich
  43. 2555 miles: I-40, from Barstow, Calif. to Wilmington, N.C.
  44. 2580 miles: US 2, from Rouses Point, N.Y. to Everett, Wash
  45. 2670 miles: US 60, from Quartzsite, Ariz. to Virginia Beach, Va.
  46. 2899 miles: I-80, from Fort Lee, N.J. to San Francisco, Calif.
  47. 3011 miles: US 50, from West Sacramento, Calif. to Ocean City, Md
  48. 3073 miles: US 30, from Atlantic City, N.J. to Astoria, Ore
  49. 3101 miles: I-90, from Boston, Mass. to Seattle, Wash.
  50. 3207 miles: US 6, from Provincetown, Mass. to Bishop, Calif.
  51. 3237 miles: US 20, from Newport, Ore. to Boston, Mass.

4 thoughts on “Forget the high and low roads…take the LONG ROAD

  1. Linda Sand says:

    We’ve driven all of I-35 and US 2 but not all in one trip each. We did drive Historic Route 66 in one trip but it took us more than a month as we stopped a lot along the way. We’ve also driven some scenic roads like Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Natchez Trace but we still have the Hannibal, MO, to New Orleans stretch of the Great River Road to do to finish it. It is a fun way to travel, though.


    • Linda, I tend to separate the things we’ve done before RV’ing from those we’ve done since. After a few years on the road as a trucker there are about 10 of those routes that I have done all of — but like yourself — not in one trip.

      It would be interesting to try some of them now — as an RV’er. At the moment I have places to go and things to see higher on my priority list than just taking a given route — but one never knows. For example if we were to scrap our spring plans, I could easily see taking one of those Northbound routes from S. Tex to Canada — so we’ll just have to wait and see what Serendipity brings us.

      > >


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