In Search Of…

Part of our mission whilst RV’ing is to figure out for ourselves what blend of wilderness/city services/and culture the two of us require to stay happy and function as productive senior citizens.   If you’ve been paying attention you’ll realize that most of the time we settle into campsites that are outside of metropolitan areas — our exceptions being camping out at the RV dealer in Junction City, and at Shamrock RV park in Springfield.  There have been a few nights of staying with Uncle WallyWorld in towns as well.  But most of the time we have been at least 10 miles from any kind of community; sometimes much further.

I pretty much view each of these stops along the way as experiments.  All our lives we lived in close proximity to cities; and we enjoyed the benefits of city living all the while complaining (to ourselves) about congestion, crime, etc., etc., etc.   For a short time, early in our married life we lived in Swanton OH — population 3,000 and we quickly realized we were spending all our time traveling to Toledo and back — our local stores not having the things we wanted.   And all the way along our married life we have taken road trips on weekends and for any single day excuse we could think of.   I guess in some ways we haven’t yet learned our lesson about how much we need the city and how long we can go before getting antsy.

We know folks who Gate Guard as a workamper experience and I don’t think I’m up for that.  Those gigs are 24hours on, 7 days a week, time split between you as a couple and almost always located out in some remote patch of nothingness — for that we are not ready.  But we have learned to  be reasonably efficient with out use of water and wastewater storage so it’s not hard to stay in one place for a couple to several weeks at a time.    What we have not learned is how to spend two weeks or more at one place without getting in the car and going somewhere.  And after a couple years I think that’s possibly telling me something.

Perhaps we never will.
Perhaps we as RV’ers were never meant to do so.
There is no right way to RV.
We’ll see how we feel about being stationary after spending a few months in S. Texas.

GoodwillTuesday the skies were clear, the breeze was calm,  and the weather warm. We’ve been reading up a storm.  Since I have an aversion to spending lots of $$$$ to buy books that will take me less than 48 hours to read, I was up for a visit to the local Goodwill store.

Grenada isn’t big enough for it’s own Goodwill so we went looking for one — actually just an excuse for a ride around the area.  So up to Oxford and Batesville and back to Grenada.

We were successful on a couple fronts.APBS-polish-wheel There was a Home Depot store in Oxford!  That meant another chance to find a polishing wheel to use with my drill for re-polishing the plexiglass covers on our  CR-V. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the hinges we want for the cabinet doors. We found plenty of hinges but not the hidden hinge, euro style that we need.  I have resolved that I will wait until we get to San Benito at which time I’ll call Guaranty RV and have them send me two sets of hinges when we know we’ll be in one place long enough to have it reach us before we move on.

It seems one of our cabinet hinges has broken a spring

I’m Still looking for a replacement hinge, but we’ll have to wait a little longer

We found two Goodwill stores, and loaded up on paperbacks @ $1.99 each.  By the time were were done we had 10 books and that ought to hold me until we get to San Benito!  After not having time to read anything for almost a year I’m making up for that dearth of literature with a vengeance!!!!!

Chicken, Chicken, who’s got the Chicken

In the meantime, Peggy’s been jonseing for some fried chicken.  Now on the topic of fried chicken we have very serious opinions.  On the road in the upper Midwest we have good luck with the Pizza Ranch broasted chicken. We never did find fried chicken that we liked on the Oregon Coast and when we are in Milwaukee our go to source has always been Gold Rush Chicken in Bayviewgold rush chicken. But here, there were none of our fav’s.

What there are, are Church’s and Popeyes, but it’s been so long since we tried either that we decided on a face-to-face taste test.  And therein likes another story…

I’m not sure what’s happened but Popeyes isn’t the same Popeye’s I’ve known.  We saw a Popeyes’ store in Batesville — but it didn’t look the samepopeyes chicken.  Since when is Popeyes Chicken called Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen?  We went inside and ordered a 2 piece meal to split between us and …. wait…. wait…. It was hard to find the SPICY part of their menu.  Popeyes always had spicy chicken. But now they buried the option way over on the corner of the menu where it’s hard to see.  argh.   The two stores don’t look the same.

popeyes store

the new look?


The Old Look?

I did some research on Wiki and it appears that they are one and the same.  The product though (once we found the spicy offering)  was just we remembered and delightfully moist!

Then to make our face-to-face test work we stopped at the nearest Church’s — in Grenada and bought some more.  Their Mac & Cheese is pretty good.  Not so sure about the red beans and rice, and this was the first time I remember having coleslaw made with ground up dill picklesChurchs_Chicken.  Bottom line for us, however, was Popeyes.  We just like Popeyes better than Church’s.

Now, to all those died-in-the-wool Southerners who may have cut their teeth on fried chicken I’m not saying that any of these are GREAT fried chicken. But, you see we have a snag.   I don’t do deep fat frying in the coach! — so when we get a hunger for fried chicken it’s got to be bought fried chicken from some source — and often (as a traveler) that means our final result will be the lesser of two evils.

Other chores

In the meantime I got my wiper blades installed. And I made a couple blocks to hold our bedside windows open.  I’m sure you RV’ers probably have windows very much like ours — a mixture of side-sliders and double-hung — but the double-hung windows only have a single stay open catch — opening the window all the way.  We, on the other hand like to sleep with our two bedside windows cracked open, not all the way open.  So a small block of wood, 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 4″ set on top of the bottom window and beneath the upper-window frame gives us three lesser open settings.  Just what we wanted.

I’m still pondering that lounge cabinet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “In Search Of…

  1. I hope with all the analyzing that you do, you have some time left to just enjoy yourselves. Although I suspect that analyzing is something you enjoy doing. 🙂


    1. Judy,
      It’s just the way my brain works. Always been, never different, whether I’m well, sick, awake, asleep, can’t shut the darn machine off…

      And in fact it’s stopping to take time to think about things that make them ever more precious. Taking them for granted just seems wrong.

      Then again all my bosses complained that I was too fast. They would be giving me instructions, I had already grasped the instructions still only partially expressed and had moved on to the implications,complications, and step after that.



    1. There is something so homey, so comforting, so satisfying about good fried chicken! One small regret about RV’ing is that I don’t feel comfortable deep fat frying in the coach. Just a little bugaboo of mine. But there’ are always alternatives. 🙂 Make yourself a bucket o’ chicken my friend, and some ‘tater salad. put ’em in a basket and go have yourself a picnic. 🙂

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