It’s like our first time

Everyone remembers their first time… don’t they.   Wait…. What are we talking about?

But ‘First Times’ do seem to be memorable, and this year, right now, seems as if it’s our first time, but it isn’t.

You see when we retired Sept 30 of 2011 we had already purchased Journey, our first RV and we took her out on a couple shakedown trips but we weren’t full timing and by Mid November we were back home with a sticks & bricks home to sell.  So we spent most of that fall sorting and fretting over downsizing.

blackhawk park

Blackhawk Park from the Bluff Above

We were mobile for about 7 months of 2012, but at this time in 2012 we were chilly in Blackhawk Park as the temps were dropping to +/-25º overnight trying to determine what to do about our failed real estate contract and that albatross of a house that we still hadn’t sold.  As you know — we ended up babysitting the house through the cold weather.

2014020512191924In 2013 we finally had the house sold and we were mobile most of the year — but by this time in 2013 we were already in Oregon, On the Forest, and working everyday.

free at lastThis year, it’s as if we are finally retired.  I slept in till 7:30;  I never get to sleep in till 7:30!  All those years of working early have made getting up at the crack of dawn, or earlier, de rigeur.  Most of the time  I can’t sleep past 5:00 to save my life.   I know it’s purely psychological, but that’s the way it seems.

But then, maybe in ways we never understood, that is what we intended when we called this a Life Unscripted.  Perhaps what we were looking forward to most is to give ourselves a chance to be regularly surprised anew,  to be regularly delighted all over again, to be regularly reminded just how wonderful is the chance that we have to live an unstructured retirement for however long it lasts.

That is why we left this open spot in our travels — a hope of slowing down the brain,  and of reaching that place where the body is willing to listen to the brain say, “You don’t HAVE to get up yet.”  And in quite a few ways this year somehow seems like we are newly retired.  We’re heading off into quite a different adventure than we faced last year at this time.  Last year was new, but it was different.  It was more regimented.  It was like working again!  What will it be next year?  Who knows!  And that’s half the fun…. discovering life all over again.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “It’s like our first time

    1. Bob, I hear where you’re coming from. The first few months of retirement I spent most of my time feeling guilty — it’s just too good. But gradually I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that “there’s a time for everything.” I’m not an OLD man, but I know there are things I can’t do now that I used to do. And my memory isn’t all that sharp (compared to the olden days — it’s still good compared to many people but not compared to what I used to have) And I have learned to say, “Guilt, shmilt…. I worked hard to GET to this place in life and a lot of friends who worked just as hard never made it to this age so it’s my job to enjoy it for them too!”
      I have been watching our daughter and SIL who have been remodeling that building of theirs and I am SO happy I don’t have to do that. Happy we can help them; but incredibly happy I don’t have to be in the middle of it. Watching them this last year and a half has done wonders to help me lose my guilt. I DID THAT – in MY day. I don’t HAVE to do it NOW!

      But that doesn’t mean that every single day I don’t still thank God for what we can enjoy TODAY — so many contemporaries don’t get this chance, I HAVE to give thanks. And I’ve learned that giving thanks is NOT the same as feeling guilty. Feeling guilty draws you in and closes you off. Giving thanks opens you up to new experience and new people and empowers you.


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