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I wonder if we should name our Ambassador Serendipity?  Or maybe Indecision?

When we started off yesterday morning from Rend Lake we had really good intentions of sticking with our program for the day.  But the weather was crummy — still more rain and drizzle with the skies overcast all the way round.  Frankly, I wasn’t in a mood to drive in the rain and then set up in the rain.

We looked at the forecast (Wednesday’s and the next few days following) and the weather where we were going next looked a lot better than the weather where we were heading Wednesday.  So….

keepontrucking-smallWe passed our exit and kept on truckin’!

We’re tired of the rain and the cool.  And that’s one of the best parts about this lifestyle — if things aren’t going the way you want them to — change your plans.  And we did.

We’d planned 5 days / 4 nights between Rend Lake and Bayou Segrette S.P. outside New Orleans.  We have been all over the place about how long we would take covering that 600+ mile distance.  We started out a few months ago thinking we might take almost a month, then we had it down to 2 days; but as we motored on down the road it looks like it’s going to be 2 days driving, but whether it’s 4 days here, or a couple weeks — has yet to be determined.

It was a long day.  By the time we were ready to go Wednesday morning it was 9:50 a.m., and we pulled into North Abutment Campground at the US COE Grenada Dam about 5 p.m.  We had no reservation, so we were relying on the season and the availability of First-come-First Served sites, and did we ever luck out.

How about a pull through with water and electric right on the shore of the lake?



This is such an amazing site.  The lake is huge, we met all the volunteers already — they were all gathered together in our little loop putting Halloween decorations out and had a wonderful chat with them all.  Gotta luv volunteers!

Here are a couple shots of our surroundings — looking back towards the coach.


In this panorama shot the coach is there — dead center, right on the shore.

2014101517571818 2014101517572419We have already found out where there’s a killer seafood buffet on Fridays (so say the volunteers).  We’ll have to see about that!

This time of year you can stay at this location for 14 days and then if you ask for an exception (from the Park Ranger) you can stay an additional 14 days.  And, we’re told that once you get into November its possible to get a second exception and stay for an additional 14 days… do a total of 42 days!

We’re eager to check the place out over the next few days.  Perhaps we’ll extend beyond our initial 4 day payment!  And who can fault such a gorgeous location.  I’ve been wanting to be in this position — not HAVING to move on, not HAVING to so anywhere, without hindering reservations — just free to be us.

So, there you have it  — Life Unscripted.   Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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  1. Bob and Janice Flanigan says:

    What a beautiful location! We may have to stop there when we head to Florida a week from Monday. Are they open all year?


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