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Autumn has to be the Best time to go Camping!

South Sandusky Campground

South Sandusky Campground

I state unequivocally: Autumn is the best time of year to go camping.

One is just as likely to get rained on in Spring as in Autumn.  The temps are usually less likely to be cold in the early autumn.  And most of all, people aren’t itching to get out for their first camping trip of the year and you get to enjoy the parks mostly by yourself!  I love autumn!


Look around and there’s a lot of gold on the ground!

Oddly enough — there are more leaves on the ground here than there were 120 miles further North.  We are here with a fairly mixed forest (Oaks, maple, pine, hickory, spruce, gum).

As Friday started we had no goals for the day.  Peg has been ‘talking’ about getting the laundry done while we are here.  It will be 2 weeks since our last batch and with the week after we leave Rend Lake being up in the air  we want to leave here with a full linen closet.  But, with no weekly routine it seems to be harder and harder for Peg to decide on when to do things.  The word may be that Laundry comes on Sunday — but that can change.

Do you like my temporary window hold-open?  A pencil sharpener.

Do you like my temporary window hold-open? A pencil sharpener.

I have a piece of wood in the car (that I bought a couple weeks ago) that I should cut into pieces, but if I’m going to get rained on while doing so I may wait for a break in the rain.  Our two bedside windows are narrow double hung windows.  Like all RV windows they require a hold-up to be kept open and in the autumn temps we sometimes don’t want the windows THAT far open as the supplied stay-opens would require. So, a little wooden block to rest between the top of the bottom frame and the bottom of the top frame will allow us to crack the window open for a little nighttime circulation.

“People don’t take trips – trips take people.”
– John Steinbeck

Ah… Mr Steinbeck,  you know me too well.  At the moment I feel as if this trip is taking me…

I have no plans for the day,  it’s drizzling and I guess I’m in a forward thinking mood at the moment, wanting to consider the next 600 miles.    Our set-in-jello plans give us 5 days and 4 nights to get to New Orleans.  mississippiWe decided that when we were just realized that we would not be meeting up with Kathryn and now I’m pondering whether I want to spend that much time.    At the moment I’m not feeling compelled by the state of Mississippi.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve nothing against MS, I simply don’t have a lot of experience of the state.  On  the negative side were lots of semi- trips through the state on Interstate; on the positive side was a wonderful trip up the Natchez Trace Parkway two years ago and a stop in a absolutely wonderful MS state park.  But at the moment I’m not sure how much I want to dawdle in MS.

It’s right there, for Pete’s sake.  It won’t take any extra effort to check out a few places along the way.  I just don’t know if I’m compelled to do so.  I don’t know if I still feel I haven’t recovered form the Forest and I don’t want to be bothered?  Or what it might be. It might happen that we just decide day by day.  Which is OK by me.  We don’t have to have a plan.

Our site here is not the most level site in the world.  Even with our leveling jacks we sometimes feel like we are walking slightly downhill.  We are level enough for the refrigerator to operate as designed but it’s funny the way even slightly uneven floors become noticeable after lifetime of living in bricks & sticks.

And there you have it.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Autumn has to be the Best time to go Camping!

    • 🙂 Not many cans to kick out here though… And the park ranger gets upset if we kick the critters…

      On the other hand my wife is having a ball, between pelicans and deer and the fox that keeps running back and forth in front of the coach she’s in seventh heaven. 🙂


    • We are definitely enjoying even though we have been hunkered down inside because of the rain!
      Maybe NEXT year you’ll have more free time. 🙂 🙂


    • If it’s not too hot or cold I’m happy. But I can’t take the cold any more; and I’m not all that happy in really HIGH heat — so the middle zone is best for me. 🙂

      > >


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