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The Perfect Autumn Day

Days don’t get much better than yesterday.  It was the Perfect Autumn Day!  With sunny skies and temps right at 70º I couldn’t ask for a better last day in Shelbyville.  We had a chance to sit around in our lawn chairs, do a little reading and just enjoy.  I really don’t do that often enough.

I’m itching to be where it’s warm and I can smell the ocean again.

seawall-beachOur stop off in Galveston in Mid November is to meet up with  family members.  Knowing that we’ll be visiting in both in Galveston and Houston finding a place for the coach somewhere reasonably near to both areas  was paramount.  But sometimes you don’t get what you wish for.  The snag that we ran into trying to accomplish that one feat also caused that only-too-frequent cascading effect on other plans but now that we have those stops locked in I can relax, everything else is hunky dory.

Our former boss Belva on a Quad.

Our former boss Belva on a Quad.

In the quiet time we called Oregon and had a nice chat with our old boss.  They sky hasn’t fallen and she’s doing well.  We got updated on our favorite volunteers, and even those who weren’t our favorites.  It was good to hear her voice again.  And to get caught up on all our favorite soap operas. 🙂 So, it was mysteries, and sunshine for me on Wednesday. Thursday is another travel day.  Check-In at Rend lake isn’t until 4 p.m., so we won’t be leaving Coon Creek very early.  But we have the usual pack up and get ready routine to go through.  And with only 108 miles to travel even if it rains (as it’s forecast to do) it won’t be a big deal.

An easy drive

An easy Thursday drive

We’ll have 6 nights at Rend lake and then a 4 night / 5 day span to get to New Orleans. Whatever we do those nights will be decided on the fly.  There are a couple Corps of Engineers campgrounds, and we could do a night with a Passport America park,  and what we have seen of the Mississippi State Parks has been impressive so that’s always an option as well.  But mostly we want to see how easy it is to just show up, and find a place.  I need to get over my now-I’m-driving-a-longer-motorhome obsession.  And just winging it is going to be my way of handling that.  No reservations until November 17th and about 5 weeks of time to fill. OK — the boss is calling and I have work I need to do before we leave, so…. thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.