Do Dishes Get Dirtier in Shelbyville Illinois

What is it about life in Shelbyville Illinois that would give spur to an inventor to devise a Dish Washing Machine?  In fact, one of the world’s first dish washing machines was invented in Shelbyville by Joesphine Cochran.

josephine-cochrane-inventor-dishwasherIt was in the 1893 Columbian Exposition  that Ms Cochran displayed her invention and won the highest honors for her efforts.  The machine was too large for typical home use, but examples of her washer were put to use in such commercial installations as the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago.Josephine-Cochran-dishwasher2

And so it is that spending a little time in a place like Shelbyville is that we find interesting things to see, and do, and get a chance to learn a little bit about the area.

Chataqua AuditoriumAn interesting location in Shelbyville is the Chatauqua Auditorium.  Who would expect to find the largest example of a given architectural style here?  The Shelbyville Chataqua Auditorium is just such a building.  It was built in 1903 and is one of the few left in the state, but it is also the largest of it’s type still in existence.  A bowled floor provided seating for 5,000 and the dais is decorated above with grecian statues.  With 15,000 sq ft of interior space  there are no posts in the interior floor space of the auditorium, the roof is supported by beams and supports in the ceiling.  maxresdefault

As for us,  Sunday is a quiet time here at the campground and we spent part of it watching campers come and go while staying out of the cold breezes.  A year ago it was hot and swelter-y here; this year — not so much.


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