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24 hours

flipping calendarAfter nearly a month in the Milwaukee Area we finally leave on Thursday.  Today, our  last day in the area will see us finishing our provisioning shopping trips and finally heading over the Kathryn & Michael’s place for brats on the grill.  Can’t leave Wisconsin with stocking up on Braunschweiger, our favorite bean coffee,  and a few other nice-nice goodies.

Tuesday we spent in the Bong area.  Time for haircuts for the both of us — after getting a crew cut half a year ago it’s finally grown out enough to need a real haircut.

Snowbird 2

Snowbirds? What’s a snowbird?

We think we’re settling on a winter plan; but we don’t want to jinx the plan by talking about it.  A few more phone calls are needed. But we’re thinking about a mix of Autumn movement and some Winter hunkering down sounds like a good thing.  We might have spent last winter in one place while we were in Oregon; but with our regular volunteer job we really didn’t do much “retirement” living. We were too busy working — having fun, but still, we were working at something we wanted to do and we didn’t take a lot of time to read, and get regular exercise, and just enjoy life.  So we’re kind of thinking about a few months in one hopefully warm place and just getting to see what it’s like to be a ‘snowbird.’   (Can that term be used equally of Florida Snowbirds AND Texas Snowbirds?)

No guarantee that we'll be heading to Florida -- in fact Texas is looking a lot more likely.

No guarantee that we’ll be heading to Florida — in fact Texas is looking a lot more likely.

I’m tired of dragging my cameras around and not using them.  I want to spend some time near refuges and something different than we see all the time.

I’ve talked about our temperature comfort zone and it’s time for a little update.  We decided to stay here in Wiconsin through September because the climate chart has kept us in our desired temperature range. WI-Cudahy And from here we travel 300 miles to Shelbyville Illinois, a Corps of Engineers campground known as Coon Creek.IL-Shelbyville We’ll only be here 1 week, and then travel about another 100 miles South — so the average temps stay within our range if you extrapolate a little.   🙂

I don’t think we’re going to get to Quartzite this year — it’s something I want to do — if for no other reason than just for the kick of being part of the zoo.  Maybe next year.

I think we have talked ourselves out of Bosque del Apache in February.  For one thing we are thinking it’s a better visit in Autumn than pre-Spring.  Secondly we are of a mind that we’ll stay put in one place for longer than that.  Perhaps, a full four months.

Four months is a long time, but how will we know what it’s like to be  ‘Snowbirds’ if we cut our experiment short.  And that’s one of the ways that the prototypical Snowbird justifies their lengthy stay:  being in one place for a long time lowers your daily rental — and it does.  But, to me, part of the challenge for Peg and I is what it will be like to stay in a place-not-Milwaukee for an extended time without an active gig. We aren’t sit-on-the-beach-for-weeks-at-a-time people.  It was easy to be in Oregon as volunteers — the daily ritual filled much of the day.  But being in FL or TX as ‘just’ visitors without the ritual, that will be the challenge!

We’ll probably head West again after we leave FL/TX (whichever it ends up being — most likely TX).

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you again tomorrow. 🙂


5 thoughts on “24 hours

  1. Safe travels. Glad you are finally going to be on your way once again. It is interesting to follow some snowbirders here online to see where they go for the winter. Certainly there are advantages to both staying in one place for the winter and traveling to a few different places. We’re not there… yet… but I think we might fall into the group that would travel around a bit more. Hard to know that for sure until the time comes, though.


    • You’re right about it being interesting seeing what snowbirds do!

      I never thought I wanted to sit in one place for several months on the road. Peg & I both put last winter’s volunteer gig into it’s own category and don’t consider that to have been RV’ing. We don’t know WHAT it was but it wasn’t RV’ing. But I want to find out what it’s like to sit in one place and I think this will be the winter to try it. We’re looking at a place we found out about when we were camp hosting in Wisconsin — 3 couples came in in caravan and spent about a week with us there and told us about a RV park in S. Texas. The appeal isn’t completely that park — I’m sure there are better parks — but it’s in a location that will give us flexibility in reconnoitering for the future and birding while we’re there — if that is what we decide.

      Then again — we may not do the same thing every winter. And I know a lot of OLDER RV’ers who settle into a 6 & 6 sort of lifestyle returning to the same places every year. I don’t think I can see us EVER doing that; but life changes us and as we age who knows what we might opt for as a good solution for a given point in time.

      We’re glad to be on the road again too!

      Thanks for the comments, as always. >


  2. Linda Sand says:

    Texas is a big place. You could stay one month in each of four regions to get an overall experience so you know which you might want to come back to. If I was doing that I’d do Rainbow’s End, the Gulf Coast, Rio Grande area, and the hill country near San Antonio. That would give you the monthly rates without committing you too long to a place you might not like.


    • You’re right about TX being a big place. And there’s no way we’re going to scope it all out in one winter, or even 1 year — which we aren’t about to try — just too hot down there.
      Personally, I want to explore the Rio Grande Valley, and the refuges there. Exploring the REST of the state is further down my list of priorities.
      Your suggestions are all very good. We’re still thinking about our options and haven’t made any commitments but whether we take that approach this year or next we’ll need a bunch of time to seen TX in the way it deserves to be seen.


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