HOT Danger

What would YOU think if you looked at your water heater and saw this?

What would YOU think if you looked at your water heater and saw this?

Friday afternoon Peggy asked me, “Is this light always on? Or does it just come on when the water heater is working?”

I went over to the sink, got down on hands and knees and looked.  Yikes, I thought — that’s no light!  And it LOOKS HOT!  Hotter towards the center, but hot, hot, hot.  I looked a little further and realized that there is a length of copper pipe coming out of the water heater right in the middle of the glow and all I could think of was something was overheating.

We turned off the water heater.

Wait, wait, wait…

No change.


What it looked like with the flashlight!

Why isn’t that hot spot cooling off?


Go check the furnace — we have two furnaces and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the furnace that wsl hot — but the furnace WAS turned off.


Afternoon.  We’re facing S.E.  That side of coach is towards the sun.

Go outside.


Peer in from the outside…

Look through the air intake grill — glowing.

Move slightly because it’s so bright outside so that I’m creating a shadow.

No Glow!

Well, that’s interesting — If we’re ever parked with the curbside of the coach on the sunny side of of the world — and it’s late in the afternoon — we just might get the sunlight to shine through a thin rubbery membrane that looks a lot like a hot spot!

Happy dance, happy dance, happy, happy, happy dance.

Happy dance, happy dance, happy, happy, happy dance.

Excitement done…. time for a nap!

The rest of the day was, by comparison, lackluster — although we had a really good day.

For one thing we replaced our toaster which only ever gets used for less-than-once-a-week toast with a small toaster oven which we can use for other things as well.  It was inexpensive, doesn’t make any noise, and we’ll use it much more often than the toaster. AND SPECIAL BONUS: there’s a crumb tray we can empty, and a door to prevent any future incursion of mice from getting at the crumbs.  2014092616011511

Another bonus is that it fits on the shelf next to the dinette table so it’s much easier to use & it can ride there while we are in transit!  That frees up space on the kitchen counter and all in all it’s a good swap. And the old toaster gets to stay in Milwaukee with other things we are leaving behind.

Just a special note on the subject of mice

You who have been regular readers may remember that in our Winnebago Journey we went through regular bouts of mice infestations.

  • When we first went mobile (after the coach had sat in storage for 5 months)
  • When we were at Spring Valley WI (a particularly woody site)
  • On the Forest at the Oregon Dunes (where our site was covered with wood chips and we were there all by ourselves)

We did find an effective solution (for people with no pets) an agricultural product called Just One Bite.  But I didn’t like poisoning the poor things — they have a right to live too — just not in my coach!

Since trading coaches we had an initial 2 mice that showed up right after taking possession — but this coach had sat on a dealer lot for several months before we bought it so I honestly think the mice came with the coach.  After that — NOTHING.  I don’t know if Holiday Rambler make a more mouse proof coach or not but we have not been having mice problems since changing coaches.   (Peggy says “Hooray”)

A New Store in Town

You remember the line, about the new sheriff in town?  Well I’m more into food than I am into sherriffs so this is more important.  Last year about the time we were getting ready to leave Milwaukee as recently brick & stickless wanderers a new grocery opened in town named Cermak.

We stopped in to check it out a year ago and it didn’t sink in just how wonderful this store was going to be for the area.  But, our return visit here yesterday surely did!

For someone who loves ethnic foods, this is almost nirvana!  And the specially good part is that there will be another location opening up near our daughter’s new house!  She’s a happy shopper!

Bay View Gallery Night

The neighborhood that Michael and Kathryn live in is called Bay View.  It’s an improving, ethnically, age and socio-economically diverse area on Milwaukee’s S.E. side.  For a few years they have been holding semi-annual Gallery Nights to get people into the shops, to build community and to sponsor and encourage the arts community which is thriving in the area.

We joined our daughter for a short walk-about and had a thoroughly delightful time — covering only about 1/2 of the shops and artists before I ran out of steam.  {I don’t mind walking if I keep going but stop and start walking gets to certain nerves and I don’t enjoy that very much — sounds like a good excuse not to go ‘shopping’, eh? 🙂 }

It was nice to see how many came out for the event — on a lovely late September evening.  Lots of people watching to do.  Lots of good art {some crazy art too!}  I would have like to see more people in MY age bracket there — seems it’s a haven for 30 and 40 somethings — but hey, as long as they are out in a productive, sociable atmosphere and not creating mischief I’m all for it.

And that pretty well sums up our day.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.  🙂



2 thoughts on “HOT Danger

    1. Yeah , E X C I T I N G ! She had me worried for a couple minutes!

      It’s been a sweet and wonderful visit but the road is calling and while we have a few more days in WI, we are ready to hit the road. 🙂


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