Good News & Curtains in place

Medical-SymbolMy cardiologist’s appointment was at 7:40, so we left home at 7:00 to be on time. We didn’t return home till 2:00….

<I lead you astray, he whispers>

We didn’t get home because we had all sorts of other things to do!  The time with the doctor resulted in the best result I could have hoped for.  The heart murmur is not what I have always been told it is — it seems that the progress of medical knowledge has changed the view of my ‘condition’ and basically there’s nothing for me to worry about, no further tests to be done this visit,  and nothing for me to do differently.  Next year we’ll do a follow up — this is the first time this doctor has seen me; but we’ve got a green light to go on about our business happy as you please.

After checking the available reservations back at Bong we decided we’ll hang out in Milwaukee until Sunday morning, then back to Bong Recreation Area for 4 nights, before heading Southward!

Windshield Curtains

We’re done!  Well, to be precise the curtains are hung and in place but I still need to take them down and iron them.

So here’s the bloody story, blow by blow:

Our new 'thermal crepe' Martha Stewart-ish drapes.

Our new ‘thermal crepe’ Martha Stewart-ish drapes.

Having bought three pre-sewn 50″ x 84″ drapery panels yesterday I woke up this morning with a real desire to get things done.  We had a nice breakfast of french toast and as soon as we were done the borrowed sewing machine found its way onto the dinette table and we were off to the races.

2014092108581804We have approximately 250″ of front and side windows.  We weren’t looking for over-full pleated drapes — the clearances on the corners of the track they suspend from are too tight to want big pleats. So we bought enough material to do the job using straight drapery hooks.

2014092108591705After getting the sewing machine up on the table the first thing we realized is that we didn’t know how to work the machine.  This is a Husquvarna sewing machine we bought a few years ago for our grand kid who was sewing quite a bit at the time.  The manual for the C20 machine was missing and it took a while to find a link to download a PDF of the manual so we would know what all the bells and whistles did.

2014092109020006Peg started pinning the first section of pleating tape to the first drape and before we knew it the first panel was ready to be hemmed at the right length.  It was then that we realized that the pleating tape had been sewn on the short side, and not on the long side as per our plan.  So, while she (embarrassed) started on panel #2, I starting ripping the pleating tape out of the 1st panel.   That little exacto knife has saved me a thousand times!


I know, I know, I owe you better pictures than this but I was in such a hurry to get them up, and we didn’t have an iron at the time!!!! better picture coming!

Ok — so without ironing them, here they are.  They extend just about 1″ longer than the height of the window to the track — the excess being intentional so that during the winter the cold air trapped between the curtain and the window will not ‘fall’ out beneath the curtain and across the dashboard and onto the floor.

We made a total of four panels.  Two long panels for the expanse of the front window.  One shorter panel that covers the passenger side window (the front panel comes around and across the door window). The second shorter panel covers the driver’s side windows — nice because there have been times when we have wanted access to that window without opening the front windows.

We cut our selves right on the money — it might have been nice to have a little excess width, but we have enough and I’m quite happy with the way they are working out. Once I get the wrinkles out I’ll be content.

The panels were 19.90 each.  We used 7 yards of pleating tape and 1 spool of thread (totaling $14.00).  For $73.00 we disposed of the terribly soiled (with grease) curtains, and made replacements that should least us a few years at least.  I’m happy with the result.

The other benefit is that from the outside of the coach they look almost identical to the old curtains.  You really can’t tell the difference between what had been factory curtains and these.  So on the camouflage scale we did well as well.

I know some might question the choice of dark cloth for that location but the motivating factor for us was that we do watch a reasonable amount of TV and with the light pouring through the lightly colored curtains we were looking at the TV against a strong backlight and that was not nice.  This way we not only make the appearance better we also make it easier to live in that lounge.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Good News & Curtains in place

    1. Yeah, it IS good. We can return to the world of activity with limitless skies and only opportunity ahead!

      I need to get some better pictures of the curtains — without wrinkles — but I was in such a hurry to get them up and looking good (and dark for last night) that I didn’t take time to press them with the iron we didn’t have at that moment. Katy brought her’s along yesterday and today I hope to rectify that problem. 🙂 >


  1. Nice job on the curtains. I’m sure you are itching to get them ironed, though.

    I well remember the appointment when the doctor asked me, “How long have you had this heart murmur?” What heart murmur?!!! A few years later I asked a doctor about the murmur and it was his turn to say, “What heart murmur?” Apparently it came and went with pregnancy.


    1. Thanks on the curtains! We are ever so happy with them. I didn’t like the old ones for their wear — and also for the fact that looking at the TV had us looking against a bright backdrop. Now that they are ironed, they are much better.

      Funny about the disappearing murmur!

      I’m all enthused now to get a move on… Autumn is lining up nicely!



  2. Looks like a great way to handle the curtain problem, looking forward to the detailed pictures. Good news from the doc. Relax and enjoy now.


    1. We’ll have a little better picture up, but details are simple. Run a pleating tape along the back, insert drapery hooks, decide on your length and hem — as easily, or as elegantly as you choose. 🙂


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