Sewing Machine and Fabric in Hand

Todays’s BIG news is that we found some pre-made curtains that we are going to convert into Windshield Curtains!

These creamy old curtains will soon be a thing of the past.

These creamy old curtains will soon be a thing of the past.

I’m writing this too early in the day to comment on the doctor’s visit but I can tell you that yesterday was a successful hunting day!

I called our daughter yesterday to determine whether in their recent move she had any idea of the location of HER daughter’s sewing machine, and might we borrow it.  She knew where it was (although she had to go hunting for the foot pedal — just like her dad) and we picked that up ALONG WITH OUR RECENTLY-RECEIVED-IN-THE-MAIL DRIVER’S LICENSES! HOORAY!!!!

When we made the call we had agreed that even though it wasn’t our ideal plan that we’d cut down the existing cream colored drapes and re-hem them at the bottom.  Along with an idea for a removable leg for our dining room table we headed off for our old stomping grounds:  the West Allis Home Depot store.

Our new 'thermal crepe' Martha Stewart-ish drapes.

Our new ‘thermal crepe’ Martha Stewart-ish drapes.

I’ll share all about the whys and wherefores of the table leg in a day or so, but while we were there getting a couple pieces of pipe we went browsing in the pre-made drapery section after reading about another RV couple who made new windshield curtains from shower curtains.

I wasn’t keen on the idea of windshield curtains out of shower curtains but I did know that The Home Depot does carry pre-sewn curtain panels and on a whim we decided to check them out.  And THIS is how we make innumerable decisions.  We ponder something for a few days or weeks.  We figure out what we want — sometimes we actually make a decision to buy something — and then having figured out what it is that we really want — we sometimes find it either pre made, or modifiable while we are out preparing to buy something else.

So it was yesterday.  We went through the HD store and there were these thermal value pre-sewn drapes in a faux silk crepe material that we could use horizontally instead of vertically.  IF we could find the right kind of drapery pleating tape to stiffen the side-hem-turned-horizontally-into-the-top-hem.Pleating Tape

We went to the closest local fabric store  and everything we found was wrong.  Then back to Peg’s favorite:  JoAnn Fabrics and voila!  Exactly what we were looking for.

2014091914383619With new about-to-be-hacked-apart curtains in hand, and pleating tape, thread and a borrowed sewing machine we returned home all tuckered from thinking and figuring.

Over our guaranteed remaining 4 days here we’ll try to get the tape in place, hang them on the little I-beam hooks that sit just 1 measly inch from the ceiling line, and be done with this project until we decide to buy new MCD shades some year in the future.

Peg always does a wonderful job sewing things; she hates sitting down at the sewing machine and she mumbles and grumbles all the while she’s making something, but inevitably she is proud as punch afterwards.  I still hear about the blackout drapes she sewed for our bedroom and my office 2 houses ago — but she beams with pride all the time she’s complaining about how hard that job was!!!!!!!!

Well, by Thursday’s writing I should have some updates on the curtains.  I’ll let you know (and show you) what we ended up with.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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