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Moving Day

Somehow I don’t think our sub-consciences are as comfortable with moving days as our brains.  It seems as if Peg and I both sleep poorly on the night before a move.  It’s not like we’ve ever had problems making the move; but there’s something in that maelstrom of one’s mind that is stronger than the thoughts we have control over. And so morning came early and we were ready for a mid afternoon nap.

With our change of plans we’re hoping our Son in Law will make it out to see the new coach.  It’s not like he needs to see it, but it would be nice to share with him.   However,  he has his hands so full with getting the house ready for their occupancy inspection, so I’m not holding out much hope.  I’m sure we’ll have time with Kathryn over the weekend, but we kind of miss having Michael with us;  it’s just a missing part of the family. The plan for Thursday evening had been to have dinner with them at one of our favorite restaurants; that never happened.  Instead it was pork chops and cavatelli.  And of course a glass of wine.  Scrumptious.

When we pulled into the RV park here at the Wisconsin State Fair we hadn’t leveled our coach or extended our slides before another Holiday Rambler owner came over to talk.  An hour and a half later they left and we finished settling in!  Campers ARE friendly! (But sometimes it’s not so easy to break away from friendly folks!)  Gotta love it!  It’s much nicer than grumpy neighbors in the next driveway in suburbia.  People are definitely part of the wonder of RV’ing.

If you are interested in fall colors, the state of Wisconsin publishes a weekly Fall Color Report.  If you want to see what the colors are like as the season progresses this is a great resource:  Fall Color Report.

RV Mods

imageI’ve been looking at our one-side-sat-out sofa.  I’m not an upholsterer.  I have upholstered in the past but there’s a lot I don’t know.  I’m bewildered by this thing.  I have opened it up in positions where I can examine it from top and bottom and everywhere the tensions are almost identical;  there’s no obvious reason why one side should feel as if it’s sat out!

We found (among the stuff we stored with the kids) a large enough piece of upholstery foam that we might cut to size for a little boost until we work out a repair or replace solution.  That is if we can remember to stick it in the car when we are there.  Our goodbyes have been long enough lately that we’ve made 4 trips to the house and each time we forget to put that foam in the car!

2014090709415501With no place that we have to be for the next few days I might get my butt in gear to continue work on the Windshield Curtains.  That is unless the Cruise Director (our daughter) comes up with too many things for us to do. I can see why so many people have gone to the MCD shades, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.



You can see how they get all jumbled up.

What we have now doesn’t seem to bother Peg. Which is good because that way there’s no pressure on me! But I’m just not happy with they way the look from the inside or the outside.  I’ll figure out something eventually.

Part of the annoyance is the way the curtains travel around the  roll-down shades on driver and passenger side.  If you pull just right they pull along the track easily.  If you pull wrong they get jammed against the pulldown shade.   We have tried raising and lowering the curtain hooks but that hasn’t helped.  I was tempted to rip the pleating seams in an attempt to make the  cloth less bulky as it goes around the shades.  But if that doesnt’ work  then I will have ripped out the pleats and made the problem worse (I suspect).  And I’m really not in a hurry to buy new curtains.  I supposed in the end we’ll end up with new MCD shades — or not.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.    None of which have to be made now, and considering that we are sitting around waiting on doctors and tests I’m not sure my decisions would be the best right now anyway.   No matter how comfortable one is with their healthcare providers I don’t know anyone who is blasé about their own wellbeing and uncertainty about your own body doesn’t help.

I’ve never been one to process uncertainty well.  But when there’s nothing you can do about a thing I always find it best to channel my energy elsewhere.  So, we’re puttering and working on little projects.

Thanks for stopping by,  and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:  On a side note, I see that Peyton Manning recently bought 21 pizza stores and now he’s inferring that the legalization of marijuana has bee good for the pizza business.  I wonder who his financial advisor is?

P.P.S.: The Scots awoke today to discover that they  are staying in the U.K.  I’m a little surprised at the outcome of the vote.  But at least the count of nations in the world stays the same and I don’t have a new statistic to memorize.  For some reason (I’m sure it has to do with several trips over there) I find myself fascinated with English life and culture.  So much alike, yet so vastly different.


4 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Bob and Janice Flanigan says:

    Peter, we really need to solve the curtain problem. They irritate me every morning when I open them and at night when I close them.


    • Bob — What is this thing that it’s the guys who are offended by the curtains and not the women? But I agree. When I get around to it I want to try two more no-sew options. I want to try lowering the curtain hooks to their lowest possible position, and then cutting the bottom of the curtain, folding it up and using FABRIC GLUE to form a no-sew hem.

      I’m still thinking about it, just have too many other things on my mind to want to sit and tackle it.

      If YOU find a solution please tell me what it is! 🙂



  2. How I envy your “no particular place to be” 🙂 Haven’t popped in for a while ( working every waking moment ) You sound happy 🙂 – minor decisions aside, “moving” looks like a wise move 🙂


    • Well, hang in there long enough and you may be out here on the road with us too!

      When I was still working (self-employed almost all my life) I always thought busy was better than having no business. — so it’s always a mixed bag. Good to have money to spend, but too busy is rough. But how to smooth things out? I would think that summer/fall would be particularly busy in food service?

      We ARE happy. This has proven to be a really good choice for us. It may happen that Peg needs to spend part of the year closer to home than we just did. Maybe we both do. Family has always been huge for us. But we don’t want to be doing the 1X or 2X return to MKE in the coach and spend months in MKE either.

      But health is not a static thing and we have to see what the sawbones says first; whether we can continue to do what we want or whether we need to make amendments to our plans will help us decide. We’re happy to be having fun, together while feeling good, and that’s a huge part of life taken care of right there.


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