Old Diary

Well, Let’s hang around for a while…

Today is moving day.  But we aren’t moving where we thought we would be moving.

italyEl Doctore wants me to see a specialist and the earliest appointment  I can get is Monday at 7:45 a.m..  My new specialist, it seems, has been in Italy for a week and I’ll be his first appointment after getting back.  I’m just hoping he’s not jet-lagged when he reads my tests. 🙂

So, that means a change in plans.  Thomson Causeway is a little too far away to be making trips back and forth to the doctor; and WI state parks limit a stay to 14 days; after which you have to be gone for at least 7 days.  So, the easiest — literally — is for us to make a minimal move to Milwaukee, and the only RV campground in Milwaukee County is at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds. medical-consultation And that’s where we’re headed for 7 nights.  By that time we’ll know whether we need to hang out here longer (hopefully not) or whether we can continue on our merry way.  That would allow us to spend a few days in Thomson, or alternatively head South immediately.  In either event we won’t make any decisions until after our appointment next Monday morning.WI State Fair RV Park

The day, however was very productive.

  • We saw our new financial guy — we were content with him, his knowledge and the questions he asked.  I think we’ll stick with him long enough to see if he’s as good as he sounds.
  • We picked up packages from our mailing address.
  • We stopped off at our bank and I talked with my regular banker about some issues with our newly replaced credit cards.
  • We dropped off documents at the safe deposit box.
  • We found a new space heater to replace the one that burnt out last May — too early/late in the season to find a space heater in the Florence area.
  • We went over to the State Fair RV park and checked out where we’ll be spending the next week; making a reservation for tomorrow while we were there.
  • We even had time to stop off at one of our old stomping grounds, Amelia’s, for a quick bite and we were instantly recognized and welcomed back.

By the time we got back home we were tuckered.  It felt good to sit down for a piece and just get our feet up off the ground.  Isn’t it amazing how wonderful such a simple thing can feel!!!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are going to be a chance to kick back with no appointments, and being near to our daughter.  I’m sure we’ll take time for a walk along the lakefront — another of our old stomping grounds.  There is currently construction going on right adjacent to the RV campground — so being IN the city, and being NEXT to the construction zone will be a quantum leap from the peace and contentment of the forest, but that’s what happens when you live an unscripted life.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.