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I thought I had a couple days to myself…

I used to think that I was the kind of guy who didn’t like routine.  I did like routine, I just didn’t like to admit it.  We’ve been trying desperately to get back to our retirement routine and I thought I had it made, but no.  Not to be.Routine

We’ve had Chase Bank as financial advisors and out of the clear blue we find get a notice that our IRA account is being moved:  to a firm we are unfamiliar with and people we don’t know.  It looks like the last two days of being in home territory are going to be spent trying to figure out what this means to us.  And that means I’ll be a bit pre-occupied; probably not writing.

As for Monday, we got a lot of errands run and got the last medical test finished;  as long as we don’t get an unexpected call from the doctor saying something else needs doing we’re good to hit the road.  The last of our shipments look like they’ll arrive before we leave.  Drivers licenses perhaps not.  sigh.

Bear with us… Soon enough we’ll be back to normal.   Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you again soon.


12 thoughts on “I thought I had a couple days to myself…

    • I’m sure all the little details will work themselves out. I don’t know whether we would consider trying to make our next return home a few days longer or not. This year we needed to make the trip in the RV, but next time we return we might put the coach in storage for 2 wks or 3 wks and return by car.

      The other thing we are considering is whether we should shift our ‘annual’ visits by 5 or 6 months. Being here in late September / early October if fine as long as neither of us has serious health issues or complications. Were we to make a trip and discover that we needed some sort of surgery then the porridge gets thick in a hurry. State parks in this part of WI shut off water around mid October; WI parks limit duration; and it might just be better to make our visits in the Spring and be freer. Of course if we are volunteering then timing gets complicated. A lot of volunteer gigs want you on site by early April.

      We’ll suss it out and figure out what works best for us. But, there’s no one ‘right’ way to RV and we’re figuring it out as we go.



  1. Mrs. P says:

    Take care of what you need to and we’ll see you when your done. I hope it all goes well, not nice to change financial stability on people.

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    • Which is why I have no compunction naming names. I thought I was happy with Chase investment services but after we were notified (by a mass mailing) of the change I attempted to contact our advisor and he has ignored all attempts to contact him. NOT KEWL!


      • Ya know…. there’s something about the idea that we work for decades building a retirement account and even though we are aging it would be nice to deal with the same financial advisor … say…. for as long as we still have a retirement. But big corporations seem not to value personal relationships; one of the real things about our capitalist society that troubles me.


    • Well, maybe that should be “normal-for-us.” I’ve never been accused of BEING normal, but having OUR kind of life back — that I would like! 🙂


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