An Expensive Productive Day — But at least we can see

Friday in Milwaukee:  time to see family (briefly), get poked for bloodworm for Monday’s Dr. Visit (I always hate fasting tests),  breathe in noxious fumes (road construction everywhere), get eyes examined and wait for new glasses (sheesh, them things are getting expensive nowadays), and stock up the larder (I’m not goin’ anywhere over the weekend.  Gonna park my wheels and leave them).

All in all it was a good day!

What else would a Wisconsinite eat after being out of state for so long?

What else would a Wisconsinite eat after being out of state for so long?  Brat and German ‘tater salad. 

We bought another watermelon today.  We have been in watermelon withdrawal it seems.  Somehow last year we never got around to them.  And most of the summer has passed and this is only our second one.  I gotta get on the ball here!

Yesterday being a travel day we ate warmed over leftovers (beef stroganoff), but for our first Wisconsin dinner I just had to have a brat!  and German potato salad.  One of the things we noticed in OR was the absence of many of the sausages we love, and the absence of a lot of pickled products we love.  We’re making up for lost time.  Usingers Braunschweiger

Another one of the special treats we have missed is smoked liver sausage.  It’s otherwise known as BRAUNSCHWEIGER — and when made by Usinger it’s amazing.  It’s amazing the way tastes change as one ages.  I don’t know a single child who actually LIKES liver.  Not chicken liver, not beef liver, nada.   But put on a few years and things we used to hate suddenly sound pretty interesting if not downright taste treats.braunschweiger sandwich

When I was in college I worked at a competitor to Usingers, Uncle August.  The place no longer exists (bought out) but I had a job cleaning sausage making machines and we got a lunch break and free access to any of the sausage we wanted to eat (after it was packaged — no we could not dig into a big vat with our thumb and eat the sausage like it were some chocolate sauce).  I learned to love liver sausage there and have never outgrown my need for  a good sausage!

The both of us had gotten our eyes checked and new glasses just before Peg retired.  It’s been three years at the end of this month and we have known we  needed new lenses for a few months already so today was the day.  Good results all the way around.  Our retinal scans were very good, and my eyes even got BETTER.  Lenscrafters has ours ready in 90 minutes and now we can see again.

We stopped of at the ‘kid’s’ new house; things are shaping up but there’s a fair bit to be done yet.  Had a chance to talk with my resident mechanic, Michael, about a couple problems with the coach.  Got good suggestions, and enjoyed having time to spend with him.

Ok — for a not much of a day, I’ve said enough.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “An Expensive Productive Day — But at least we can see

  1. I’ve always liked braunschweiger. It’s the only kind of liver I do like, though. Probably because I didn’t realize it was liver when I was a kid even though we called it liverwurst as well as braunschweiger.


    1. LOL — I knew there was some reason I liked you Linda!

      Now that I’m older I like most livers, beef, chicken, duck, goose.

      I am partial though to the smoked sausages and patés.



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