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Today’s a Travel Day

Our stay at Blackhawk Park is over.  We have about 210 miles to travel today (Thursday) to Bong Recreation Area.  The drive is easy. However, with winds over 20 mph, it wasn’t an optimum driving day. On the plus side, once again the Ambassador came through like a champ.  In the Journey we would have been all over the driving lane;  the Ambassador held it’s own in the wind!

We never got the pleats in that last panel of windshield curtain ripped out;  maybe sometime in the next week or so.  After having moved the curtain hooks lower there is a little interference with the pull down sun-shades in the windshield.  I need to think a little longer on the best way to resolve the ease-of-use issue on these.  We have a lot to do while we’re here but we’ll see whether curtains get to the top of the list.

The next few days will be pretty full.  Friday we have visits to the lab for tests, visits to the optometrist for eye exams.  Over the weekend we’re kewl.  Monday we have doctor’s visits and sometime next week we need new licenses, have a appointment with a lawyer, and a few other projects to take care  of. The following weekend we have guests coming in to stay Friday night and visit our grand-kid in chicago to see her new apartment and bring her to Milwaukee for a birthday party – housewarming combination.   We’re planning to be in the Milwaukee area for 2 weeks.

During Kathryn’s visit we talked about plans for our next meet-up.  Plans are starting to firm up so that wintering in Texas is looking like the right idea.  We’ll be poking along Southward — sort of matching our pace with the change in temperatures.  It may take us until the 1st week of December to hit New Orleans. That’s kind of the plan for now.

By that time we’ll know how the Sandhill Crane migration is going.  The last couple years the number of birds at Bosque del Apache have been noticeably down and we are wanting to stop there — hopefully in the early Spring.  Allowing for the fact that birds are birds and don’t pay attention to human calendars that could mean being in Central NM in February and we only want to take the cold weather chances if there’s still a significant population on the refuge.

That means our time in Texas may be relatively short.  If we don’t arrive until the first or second week of December and we are already  in San Antonio NM sometime in February that will mean a short stay in Texas.

So, we’ll see how things progress.

I’ll try to share a bit about the park we’re parked in over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Today’s a Travel Day

  1. Sounds like you have some nice travel plans coming up. Central NM in Feb? You are braver than we are! 🙂 Hopefully the snow will stay away while you are there. I will have to look up that place you are going to. Sounds interesting.


    • We’re hoping they all work out well. Some things will change, for sure. But with a daughter like ours who loves to plan we have to start conversations about travel plans and see what solidifies and what vaporizes.

      I’ve been in Bosque during Feb. and I know how unpredictable it can be, and cold. Mornings at the refuge can be quite vigorous! But if we go the idea would be to get there before the Sandhills left for their route north. We’ll see what actually plays out. We have to get through December first.



      • If you are ever interested in seeing the sandhill crane elsewhere, there are several places in West Texas and in the panhandle to see them. I have not yet been to the wildlife refuge near Muleshoe, but I think they have a big population of them seasonally. I also think that Monahans Sandhills State Park has them at times, too. The weather in those locations might be a bit more dependable, if you want to check them out. You might call them first to check on their populations and their seasons for the sandhill crane, especially the refuge near Muleshoe.


      • Thanks for the suggestions. We are not super devoted birders but we do enjoy visiting refuges, and Peg has never seen a Bosque style Fly-Out or Fly-In which we are determined to correct!!!!!

        One of our bucket-list (sort of) goals is to visit all of the wildlife refuges in the US.

        We have a long way to go on that goal….



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