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Tuesday September 2nd.  We have two days remaining here at Blackhawk Park and another day with our daughter before she heads home.  It’s been a nice visit, but as always too short.

2014090210290518 2014090210291120Today we’re going to look for APPLES!  It’s still early for this year’s harvest, but there are several orchards near Gays Mills Wisconsin.  They were open for business when we made the quick trip into Milwaukee, so we’re hoping they will  be open today.

We stopped at Mt Sterling Cheese Factory and bought some Goats Milk cheese to which Peg is particularly partial. The staff there is almost all women and when we arrived about 9:30 we interrupted a real ‘hen session.’  We could hear the laughter and joking before we even entered the building.  Nice to hear people having fun where they work!

One of the orchards likes to be hospitable.  As you can see they are happy to welcome four-footed visitors as well as humans.  I got such a kick out of the K-9 relief station.2014090210371822

While we were wandering around we stopped in Gays Mills proper where there is a small municipal campground.  I’m not sure that we would want to stay there.  While it’s a beautiful location– right on the Kickapoo River at a mill-race there is no gravel or concrete for RV pads.  There were some fairly deep ruts in the lawn and I’m not sure I want to take a chance with our coach if there has been recent rain in the area.  2014090210550126e01

While we didn’t find apples, all the orchards had their mandatory gift shops and I found an addition to the world of bacon that seems to be taking over the world.2014090211190633 Baconnaise!  What could be better than Bacon flavored Mayonnaise?  We didn’t buy any.  We tried the Bacon flavored salt made by the same company and that product was just so-so. But it’s an interesting new product.

All in all it’s a great time for a visit.  A little rain in the mornings that has lead to beautiful sunny days thereafter. The sun shines on happy families.

We’ve taken that route – WI 171  – several times and there’s a place that makes pies — I’m hoping more than just apple (I’m not a fan of apple pie) but we’ll see.  It’ll be a nice jaunt with Katy on the last full day she’s with us.  And maybe a sweet treat along with the jaunt!

I have not yet gotten to re-adjusting my side mirrors on the coach — it’s one frustrating job I need to get at.  They are currently set a little too close to the body of the coach to suit me, but they (evidently) have been in that same setting since the coach was built and the bolts are seized in the threads.  0769004a_LI need a small container of GUNK and a good wrench (which I have).  I don’t want to move the mirrors very much — probably only 1″ outbound each side — but I should be able to see a little bit of the body of the coach on each side.

With Kathryn here we’ve been having a little rain each day —  most of the time the rains have come at harmless moments. They really haven’t inhibited our activities.  🙂  And when some of us have been stressed for a long time, a little bit of down time is a good thing.  All in all it’s been a pretty fantastic visit; with a little bit of future planning included.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow. 🙂





3 thoughts on “Apples!

  1. Linda Sand says:

    I’ve read you can make your own baconnaise buy stirring bacon grease into mayonnaise. Somehow that doesn’t sound as appetizing as the name implies.


    • Linda,

      All I can say about that idea is YUCK! You’re right – it doesn’t sound nearly as good when you approach it that way!

      Now I’m even gladder I didn’t buy the baconnaise!

      I’ll put bacon grease in a variety of things that others might question but that just doesn’t sound all that appealing. >


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