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A Still Holiday Sunday

WoW!  All three of us slept until 7:30.  Might be a family record!

no-powerThe power outage yesterday lasted until Kathryn arrived (safe and sound), and we had sat and chatted for a while and then taken a nice leisurely walk to stretch her 4 hour automobile legs.  By the time we returned home the power was back on.  Peace returned to the neighborhood as campers all around realized they could turn off their gensets.  Ahhhhh…. peace and quiet.  Well, sort of… with with all the giggling, laughing children around.

cartoon-children-playingNot too much to SAY about her visit.  We have about 8 months of catching up to do, a new RV, stories about the home renovation to listen to, and hugs to be had.  We enjoy each other’s sense of humor — something Kathryn and Michael sometimes clash over.  Mike hasn’t quite figured out our corporate sense of humor.

No big plans for Sunday.  Katy’s been so much under the gun both at work and at home during the renovation so she’s happy to just hang out with her parents.  We’ll spend the day quietly (I hope) and people watch.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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