Thursday Blur

Thursday turned into a blur.

ups_truckWe did our 420 mile round trip to Milwaukee.

I learned a good lesson here.  We have been having shipments made to our kids new home.  I ordered one item that needed a customer signature (something I never thought about at the time of order)  and what resulted was a comedy of errors.  UPS attempted two deliveries — but their new place looks so industrial that the UPS guy doesn’t always stop.  I know our SIL was in the building during the first two attempts — with the garage door open so he could have seen/heard them when they stopped — but they didn’t.  I could have our daughter pick up the material — she has the same (new) address as we do, but her last name is different; and she hasn’t gotten a new driver’s license yet — so if she went to the UPS distribution center she would have needed proof of her name (birth certificate/passport  etc. and proof of address — but then the new utilities aren’t in HER name and … well, you get the idea.  Long story short it was a sure thing if we made the trip; an iffy thing if she tried to pick up the material — and if she failed that would have left us on the day before the Labor Day weekend….   Solution:  Change our Amazon ship to address so that everything gets sent to her and her husband jointly — and just memo the shipment so that we get it.

silverleaf-electronics-large-6We picked up the laptop for our Silverleaf monitoring system. The software & interface were delivered today (after we left) but Kathryn will bring them with her when she comes to visit this weekend.  I hope to have time enough to put everything together enough to run the unit from here to Bong Recreation Area when we leave Blackhawk Park a week from today.


The folks at Great River Roadhouse make a super pie — and this is a MEDIUM — larger than some LARGE or GIANT size pies we’ve had in other restos. GREAT CRUST

We stopped off at the Great River Roadhouse for dinner on the way back home.  After the drive I wasn’t in a mood to cook dinner.

We left about 6:30 this morning (just after sunrise) and we were back home after dinner a little before 6:00 p.m.   A full day, but a nice day.  Mostly sunny,  we accomplished what we wanted, and we stopped off to see Michael (our SIL) and take a quick tour of the new house/shop.  We hesitated to view the place without our daughter but we haven’t seen him in almost a year, and he did most of the work on the house — so he deserves some special bragging rights.

I did not take photos on this visit.  I’m sure the kids would rather get a few more things settled before anyone ‘public’ sees the insides.  I respect that and within 3 weeks we’ll have some shots to put up in our blog — if nothing else, from the family open house being held just before we leave.

Now — I still have the curtains to finish… and we have groceries to buy tomorrow as well as laundry to do before Kathryn arrives on Saturday.  Best to stay flexible. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Blur

    1. Mrs P — It does more than LOOK GOOD, for sure.

      We found this place last year near the end of our stay and I could not wait to get back to have another, and maybe yet another.

      We love thin crust and this is great with a little dusting of cornmeal on the peel (and hence on the bottom of the pie) to facilitate sliding it off the peel. Heavy loading of ingredients and oozy, hot stringy mozzarella just the way it’s supposed to be. Without exaggeration it’s one of the best pies we’ve ever had.


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