Old Diary

DARK Clouds

We woke to nearly black clouds South of us.  I’m glad I’m not where those clouds are.  We have a slightly better than 50/50 chance of rain but at last the heat has broken and there are 10 days of temps in the mid 70’s and low 80’s to look forward to — I’ll take a little rain just for a break in the heat.  My Coastal-acclimated body is still readjusting.

Last night I ripped the pleats out of the passenger side windshield curtains.  It’s a small first step to ‘fixing’ the ill fitting curtains that keep the public out of our lounge.  We hope to adjust both the height of the curtains (they currently hang about 2″ lower than the track that suspends them ) and the length (drape) of the curtains.  Right now they seem way too long (almost 5″ too long).  A little ‘break’ on the dashboard is good, but not that  much!

Tuesday we got out and took a nice walk around Peck Lake — lots has  changed since last year.  The flood waters have played havoc with the root system of some trees and there is more light getting down to the ground on that little circuit around the lake.  We like that little walk, we try to get it into our schedule every day that it’s not too hot.

Beyond that, I didn’t do much at all.  A little writing, a little reading, just enjoying being retired.  Hasn’t been much of that, actually.  Lots of coming and going — it’s nice to have a day when not much happens.