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In’s and Out’s

Sundays are always fun in a campground. The weekend warriors head home and there’s a flurry of activity around the campground. You can hear trailer owners using their electric drills to crank up stabilizing jacks; there are children crying because they don’t want to go home, there are pets that escape — or don’t want to get into their carriers, there are those who are skilled at driving their rigs and others who aren’t (SCREEEEEEEECH & CRUNCH). Sunday mornings are great people-watching!

In two and a half years this is only the second time we’ve had a pull through site. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to back in! And it’s safer. We picked this site (with limited options available) because it kept our large front windows out of the West, and we knew that there was good sight lines to the South for our satellite.

CROC drying stand

I like to wear my Crocs to the shower house and flush toilets — when I took my shower I arrived back at the coach and decided to leave them outside on the rug to dry off. What I didn’t count on was the downpour later in the day – at which point those Crocs got filled up with water. My new Croc Drying stand!

Here’s the Man of The House, just kickin’ back in my easy chair. To be truthful with the temps up in the 90’s I didn’t stay out there all that long. It felt great  to just sit back and read. I’m still on my Lawrence Sanders kick, but I have other things in the library.  When I finish this I think I’ll try one of them.

As is typical with campgrounds, there’s a lot of beer consumed. I found it interesting that when it came time to throw out their trash this camper had a small bag of trash and a LARGE bag of aluminum beer cans. This wasn’t the worst/best example — it just happened to be the one walking in front of me.

I like my alcohol — don’t get me wrong, I’m not against drinking while camping. I am, however, amazed at how much people can drink. I’m one of those guys who can be drunk under the table by a 90 lb woman. I just don’t have much tolerance for alcohol! But for those who do and can… as long as you are safe and don’t disturb other campers: it’s your choice.

this 9 barge tow was headed down stream

here’s a 12 barge tow headed upstream! there’s a 15 barge tow behind this guy along the bank waiting for this faster, same company, barge to pass them.

Being close to the Mississippi, we get a chance to see the tugs and barges. For Peggy and I that’s a big part of the attraction of this place — to watch the commerce of the world go … floating by… at what appears to be a snail’s pace. Of course, if you realized how huge the volume of freight each of these barges carries the concept of haste changes dramatically. Today we saw three, small photos of two of them are enclosed.

This last photo I include to illustrate the amount of water involved in this year’s flooding. From the current level of water to where that moss has come to rest on the low tree branch is a good 10 feet!  Half of the campground was closed for several weeks; it’s an annual thing here and they just work around it.

Well, that’s about it for me for today. thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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