Under Foot

On the heels of yesterday’s post about whether you really CAN manage to live with your partner in a glorified tin can comes another lesson about being under foot.

What do you do about flooring?

Gotcha!  Ya see… I’m not always serious.  But a few little spots on the lounge carpet have had us thinking about where we put our feet.

2014040119142505You may remember that we had upgraded the flooring in our first RV,  Journey.   Before doing so, we had purchased a couple inexpensive throw rugs to cover unsightly  stains on the then 10 year old carpeting.  We are now thinking similar thoughts about our Ambassador. (not doing new flooring — just getting throw rugs)

We went shopping at: Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes.  Lots of nice cheap(-ish) area rugs but nothing that tripped our couple’s-trigger.   I did get out our oxidizing rug cleaner once more and that helped but I think we need to give consideration to HOW we are going to RV from here on.

2014040210295523The question came up before:  what are we tracking in?  The first couple years of RV’ing it was always granular dirt:  campsites without pads.   On the Coast it’s been more like needles and goats heads and other prickly seeds/seedheads.

Journey was a much easier coach in which to replace flooring.  I’m not sure we would ever try to upgrade carpet with flooring in the Ambassador.  But, we have yet to live with her for a year or two.  At that point we’ll reconsider longterm plans.  We don’t HAVE to do anything now.

In Journey we opted for busy (red) oriental rugs that obscured any stains.  During our search yesterday we looked at geometrics, contemporary designs and orientals, a pretty wide variety each of which had their own visual appeal.

But, so far nothing ‘clicked’!

So, with no real ‘winner’ I think we’ll just head to Wisconsin as we are; when we settle in for the winter we’ll consider ordering and waiting for an online  order.

Today’s Sunday so we’re cooling our jets.  I finally got around to cleaning off the back window ledge.  And I put three coats of polyacrylic on my wife’s lawn chair — all that sitting out in the rain allowed the grain to raise — all taken care of now.  And we cooked a corned beef so that (if we don’t eat it all for supper) we’ll have leftovers for corned beef hash which we have a hard time finding in grocery stores in OR.  The basement, however, remains largely untouched.  Sigh.  Part of the reason for that is the heat, partly its the fact that the RV site is a bit cramped for getting all our gear out putting it on display.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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